This Is What Happens To Every Single Character At The End Of 'Jane The Virgin'

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Spoilers ahead for the Jane the Virgin series finale. Like all good things, telenovelas must come to an end. But it's hard to be too sad when so much happiness occurs in the Jane the Virgin series finale. The entire episode leads up to Jane and Rafael's romantic wedding by the flowering tree where they shared their second-ever kiss. They are surrounded by their family and friends in the climax of their epic love story, as befitting a telenovela. Showrunner and writer Jennie Snyder Urman wrapped up every storyline in the finale (and even gave herself a quick cameo as a person handing out water during the marathon). But in order to process this farewell, a roundup of how Jane the Virgin leaves all its beloved characters is necessary.

Since Jane and Rafael got back together, nothing was going to get in their way from declaring their love for one another by getting married. Yet, their declarations at their actual wedding don't go so smoothly since they are both too overwhelmed by emotions to read their vows aloud. But fans know just how deeply Rafael and Jane care for one another after everything they have been through, so the vows don't need to be explicitly said to feel their love.

Beyond Rafael and Jane, the other characters get their happy endings too. Lina becomes pregnant thanks to one of her sisters ("the pretty one," of course). And Esteban proposes to Darci with baby Baby by their side. Yet, the real joy comes from the central cast of characters, so here are all the questions the Jane the Virgin finale answered in honor of our heroine. After all, Jane loves organized, detailed lists!

Do Xo & Ro Move To New York City?

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Jane's parents reveal at the beginning of "Chapter 100" their plans to move to New York City three days after her wedding since the production for This Is Mars has moved there. Xo does get cold feet and asks Rogelio to try a commuting relationship where they only meet up on weekends. But through a classic talk between the Villanueva women, Jane and Alba convince Xo to take the plunge and move to NYC. The three of them then watch the sunrise on the porch swing one last time. And good thing her mom and daughter helped Xiomara come to this decision since This Is Mars leads Rogelio to finally achieve a fame breakthrough in America, complete with adoring fans and a Vanity Fair cover.

Who Are Rafael's Birth Parents?

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The last secret of the series is revealed when Luisa unearths the identity of Rafael's birth parents. But, as the narrator notes, this reveal wasn't as dramatic or shocking as you'd expect from a telenovela. Instead, Luisa says to Jane, "His parents were just regular people." Jane breaks the news to Rafael that they had been bakers in Italy who died in a car accident.

Because of all the family he has around him now, Rafael says the news doesn't hurt him like it would have before. He is even inspired to call Rogelio "dad" at the wedding — as his father-in-law had asked. (Just don't go calling Xo "mom," Raf.)

Does Petra End Up Single?

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Petra says she's married to the Marbella, but Rafael knows just how much she is missing J.R. (guest star Rosario Dawson). So the groom-to-be reaches out to his ex-wife's ex to let her know how much Petra still cares. J.R. shows up to Jane and Rafael's wedding and tells Petra she never stopped loving her. Petra says she loves her too and this pair gets a romantic reunion and, hopefully, a lifetime of happiness. If only Petra's triplet brother (!!) in Siberia would get to meet his sister's love.

What Drama Happens At The Wedding?

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Jane cracks the ending of her novel finally, but there's a catch. The publisher can't change the ending ahead of printing copies of the book for writers, like Jane's favorite author Isabel Allende, to review. In a romantic gesture, Rafael personally delivers the new ending to the publisher ... but gets arrested in the process for breaking through the parking lot gate. Jane returns to her bus roots (routes?) to bail him out when the marathon stops regular traffic from getting to her. So she rents out the entire bus, which becomes the family's transportation (complete with bus passengers) to the wedding. Sure, they were late, but they arrived in perfect Jane the Virgin style.

Who Is The Narrator?

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Mateo's great-glammom (Rita Moreno) helps him project vocally for his reading at the wedding with his twin sisters. And when Jane notes how he's using his big boy voice at the ceremony, Mateo says how great-glammom thinks he "would be great at voiceover work." The Latin Lover Narrator then jumps in to say, "And for the record, I am" — dropping his Latino accent to reveal an adult Mateo has been the narrator the entire time. Aw, how delightful, friends!

What Happens In Jane's Book?

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Jane's ending to her book was so important that it almost made Jane and Rafael miss their wedding. So what made the ending special? In the final moment of the series, Raf says, "I never asked you. What happens at the end of your book?" Jane replies, "They make it into a telenovela." And while Rafael jokingly questions who would want to watch it, Jane breaks the fourth wall by winking directly into the camera and acknowledging the viewers who have watched Jane Gloriana Villanueva's story unfold over the past five seasons.

The only question left unanswered was when Jane and Rafael will decide to have another child. But, the series left viewers with the knowledge that they will have a lifetime of "so much joy." As Alba explains to a young Jane earlier in the final episode, telenovelas "always have an ending. But it's a happy one. The good people get what they deserve. And there's usually a wedding!" And with such a happy ending (complete with a wedding), Jane the Virgin said "The End" in the happy way the characters all deserved.