The Johnsons Vote On A Dog & Diane Masterminds Some Chaos In This Exclusive ‘black-ish’ Clip

ABC/Eric McCandless

The ABC sitcom is known for tackling family conflicts head-on — and with humor — and the April 10 episode of black-ish continues that trend. This time, the source of the drama is a potential pet. In the exclusive black-ish clip below, it seems like the Johnson household might soon have another new addition: a dog. The family is holding a meeting amongst themselves, and the divide is clear — Dre (Anthony Anderson) is vehemently opposed to welcoming the animal into their home, while Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) is heading up the other side, lobbying for the family to adopt one. The decision is put to a vote, because Dre doesn't like saying "no," but likes to be fair, as he says in the clip.

Jack claims that because he got straight As at school, there should be no vote, and that Dre "promised" a dog was in the cards for him. Alas, his argument falls on deaf ears — and he fails to pass his dad's impromptu spelling test — so a vote commences. Junior claims a dog is too much work, so he's a hard "no." Ruby votes "no," because, as she so vividly puts it, Dre "came out of her body," meaning that she automatically sides with him, and then Bow claims Devonte's vote as her own for the same reason. Lo and behold, Diane is the tie-breaker. See for yourself how it plays out:

Dre is pretty arrogant heading into decision-making vote, because Diane is a cat person and would never want a dog in the house — or would she? Diane is quick to point out that though she does hate dogs, she also hates everything, most of all "peace in this home," so her dad shouldn't be so sure of her vote. Hilariously, just to stir the pot, Diane "chooses chaos," and votes to get the dog, and the decision is so Diane.

Since the very first episode of black-ish, Diane has been witty and shouldered plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Recently, the Johnson girl has become even more unpredictable. "I don’t know what’s going on with Diane," Anderson told The Wrap last year when asked about how his character's daughter's humor has continued to evolve in a darker way, though she remains just as lovable and funny as ever. “She’s evil.” Ross agreed, adding that she's "afraid of her."

"I think both her parents are a little bit afraid of her," Ross said in the same interview. "She’s an old soul, but I don’t know what’s going on with her.” And if Diane's decision to "choose chaos" — seriously, that line is comedy gold — is any indicator, perhaps her parents have good reason to be wary.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

black-ish always keeps it real when it comes to debates families have as they negotiate their lives, though this one hits on the lighter side to some of the other issues they've addressed. The show has tackled mass incarceration issues, Bow's partpartum depression, Black Lives Matter, and plenty of other topics in its run, but at its core, every plot remains about this family and their love for one another, which is a big part of why it always feels so genuine.

"When you come at [these topics] from a real place and you're authentic to who you are, who these characters are and what the dynamic of this family is, you can do just about anything and have it resonate with someone. And that's what we do," Anderson told The Los Angeles Times last year. If a furry friend does come in to the home, it's sure to cause mayhem that any family could relate to, and mayhem, apparently, is just what Diane has in mind. Catch the full episode on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.