Sophie Turner Is The Best Jonas Brother In Their "What A Man Gotta Do" Video

Nick, Joe, Kevin Jonas, and their wives have combined forces again to channel some classic movies for the Jonas Brothers' "What A Man Gotta Do" music video. Nick and Priyanka Chopra take on Risky Business while Kevin and Danielle tackle Say Anything, and Joe and Sophie Turner cover Grease in the video. It's a full on nostalgia fest, complete with dance offs and bloopers. And while all the J Sisters (aka the Jonas' wives) have their moment to shine, Turner is definitely the unofficial star of the show, pulling double duty as both Sandy and Bad Sandy.

Turner and Joe hand jive onto the scene in "What A Man Gotta Do," channeling Sandy and Danny from Grease at the Rydell High dance-off. But Sandy's innocent moves are no way to win a dance competition, so Turner's Bad Sandy swoops in to add more shimmying sass. Grease purists will surely note that this was Cha Cha's role in the movie, but the Emmy-nominated Turner has the acting chops to play a mashup of Sandy, Bad Sandy, and Cha Cha all in the span of three-minutes-and forty-seconds. Clearly, the Jonas Brothers recognize their luck in having the Game of Thrones star in the band and even Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Chopra rocking out in their underwear can't upstage Turner.

Turner began her Jonas Brothers career in the "Sucker" music video, alongside Danielle and Chopra, where the Game of Thrones star ruled over the kingdom with all her queenly quirks. And she's the MVP again with "What A Man Gotta Do" — even if Matthew Modine doesn't agree and kicks her out of the dance competition.

Bad Sandy isn't such a hot dancer either, though, as the short bloopers at the end reveal. Apparently, during filming, Turner accidentally kicked Joe in the face with her heel for their dance sequence. Turner's reaction to kicking her very famous husband in the face (there might not be sound, but she clearly cries, "Oh my god! Are you OK?") proves that no matter which Sandy she's playing, Turner's hopelessly devoted to Joe and he feels the same.

While Kevin might be her favorite Jonas Brother, Turner is ours after her two thumbs up-worthy performance in "What A Man Gotta Do." What if Turner was the best Jonas Brother of all?