The 'Julie's Greenroom' Guest Stars Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again


Imagine a theater arts workshop run by Julie Andrews where all the best in the entertainment industry got their start at. Well, that's kind of the idea behind Andrews' new kids series, Julie's Greenroom, on Netflix. With someone as iconic as Andrews running the show, it's not surprising the guest stars of Julie's Greenroom are an impressive mix of performers from all aspects of the arts. The show mainly focuses on Andrews and her assistant Gus (played by Giullian Yao Gioiello) mentoring a new group of students — puppets from The Jim Henson Company that Andrews refers to as "Greenies." But every episode also features a real-life celebrity or artist who stops by to teach the Greenies a master class as he or she was once a Greenie too. And with the incredible lineup of guest stars in Season 1 of Julie's Greenroom, you'll wish you could also attend Andrews' workshop.

In Season 1 of Julie's Greenroom, which premiered on Netflix on March 17, each of the 13 episodes focuses on a specific art form or theater process that the Greenies learn about. That means Andrews' guest stars range from actors, singers, dancers, directors, writers, and musicians. Besides the fact that almost every guest star sings a song on Julie's Greenroom, which is delightful in itself, you'll be impressed with the familiar and talented faces that appear on this new show.

So, whether you have a preschooler or just love all things Andrews (guilty as charged), here are the guest stars you can expect to see in Julie's Greenroom.

Idina Menzel

The first guest of the series was none other than Idina Menzel, who — as a Broadway performer in musicals like Rent and Wicked — was perfect to teach the Greenies about theater arts. Plus, many preschoolers (and adults) will be more than familiar with her as Elsa in Frozen.

Rachel Tucker

Another Elphaba showed up during the episode "The Show Must Go On," when Irish singer and actress Rachel Tucker gave the Greenies a backstage tour of Wicked. Before she played Elphaba on Broadway and the West End, she competed on the British TV series I'd Do Anything, alongside Samantha Barks.

Chris Colfer

While TV fans know him more for his singing and acting as Kurt Hummel, Glee star Chris Colfer came to teach a lesson about writing. That's because he is also a New York Times bestselling author and has written the books Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, The Land of Stories, and the newly released Stranger Than Fanfiction.

Josh Groban

Speaking of Glee, the next guest star on Julie's Greenroom was also a guest star on the FOX show back in Season 1. Josh Groban with his outrageously gorgeous singing voice (totally unbiased assessment here) taught the Greenies about singing because when you're Julie Andrews, you get the best for your children's show.

Alec Baldwin

For the episode "Hello from the Ogre Side," Adele unfortunately didn't show up, but I'm not complaining since Alec Baldwin did. With his wide range of experience, he taught the master class in acting and even sang an adorable duet with Andrews.

Tiler Peck & Robert Fairchild

Principal dancers with the New York City Ballet — and married couple — Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild taught the Greenies a lovely lesson in ballet. Fairchild also knows a thing or two about the theater since he is reprising his Broadway role of Jerry in An American in Paris in London's West End just in time for the release of Julie's Greenroom.

Sara Bareilles

When it comes to teaching a lesson in songwriting in 2017, Sara Bareilles is the person to recruit and that's exactly what Andrews did. Beyond having her own successful pop career, Bareilles also wrote the musical Waitress, so she helped the Greenies write their theme song. And if Julie's Greenroom didn't already have you wanting to see some Broadway shows, knowing Bareilles will be starring in Waitress from March 31 to June 11 definitely should have you craving the stage.

Ellie Kemper

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper shared her comedic talents with this other Netflix show in the episode "Morning at the Improv." The then-pregnant Kemper taught the Greenies the importance of accepting what your fellow improvers throw at you and showed how she is always game for a laugh.

Joshua Bell

While you might not be able to name too many renowned violinists, Joshua Bell may be the exception. I first heard of him because of Groban — Bell was featured on "Mi Mancherai (Il Postino) on Closer — but this acclaimed violinist and conductor is much more accomplished than that as he proved in his classical music lesson on Julie's Greenroom.

Bill Irwin

Who better to teach a lesson on the circus than a clown? Bill Irwin might not be a household name, but anyone who has seen Elmo's World knows him as Mr. Noodle. Besides his clowning, he's an award-winning actor since he won a Tony for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? where he played George opposite Kathleen Turner's Martha.

Tituss Burgess

Tituss Burgess always brings an epic amount of flair and he did so again in the episode "Costumer Service." The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star provided his extensive costume collection to the Greenies for their musical and sang a super catchy song to boot. (Clothing pun intentional.)

David Hyde Pierce

Dr. Niles Crane himself showed up on Julie's Greenroom since David Hyde Pierce came to help direct the Greenies during their dress rehearsal. Beyond being an actor in projects like Fraiser, Wet Hot American Summer, and Spamalot, Pierce has also directed shows on Broadway, so he knows a thing or two about giving notes.

Carol Burnett

While all of the guest stars played versions of themselves, Carol Burnett showed up in the season finale as Edna Brightful — a patron of the arts. She might not have taught a master class, but her comedic performance was still masterful.

With such a dream guest star list for its first season, Julie's Greenroom is bound to have more amazing artists if the kid-friendly show gets a Season 2 — maybe even Adele will show up next time.