The Latest 'Quiet Place' Trailer Teases A Terrifying Unseen Enemy For John Krasinski & Emily Blunt — VIDEO

The new heart-pounder of a trailer for John Krasinski's forthcoming horror movie may scare you speechless. On Monday, April 2, Paramount released the final trailer for A Quiet Place, and like its predecessors, the latest preview is all things intense and freaky and quiet. (Hey, what more could you ask for from a trailer for one of the most highly anticipated horror movies of the year?) In the new sneak peek for A Quiet Place, which is slated to hit theaters on April 6, we get to see a little more of whatever it is that is terrorizing the humans. And don't worry, whatever it is, it is a really creepy creature.

Krasinski and real-life wife Emily Blunt play a married couple who live on a farm with their children. Oh, and the whole story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where some to-be-revealed species is wreaking havoc on the planet. And apparently, the only way to avoid the wrath of these creatures is to stay as quiet as possible. As the trailers for this movie literally spell out, “If they hear you, they hunt you.” The family of four attempts to carry on in this post-apocalyptic world, but as the trailers suggest, whatever semblance of normality they create is shattered by the "they."

So what are the “they,” exactly? Judging by the final preview, it seems like "they" might be a bunch of nefarious martians that want to wipe out all of mankind. At the top of the clip, we there is a montage of news reports. The snippets tell us there has been a “massive invasion,” that it's happening around “around the world,” and that humankind has "been attacked.” Well, if it walks like an extraterrestrial being and quacks like an extraterrestrial being...

Sure, all of those news reports could be about some Earth species banding together and trying to take over the world; maybe all of the garden ants on the planet decided they were sick of huffing Raid and were ready to overthrow all of the humans. But uh, that thing that scurries through the woods in the middle of the trailer sure does not seem like a bunch of angry ants. That blur looks like one gigantic alien.

Paramount Pictures

Around the halfway mark, we sort of get a glimpse of the thing that is attracted to noise. Lee (Krasinski) and his son, Marcus (Noah Jupe), stumble upon a man in the woods. The man gives them an "I'm going to do it and you can't stop me" look before letting out a blood-curdling wail. Lee and Marcus sprint away seconds before a gangly blur of a creature leaps out of the shadows and pounces on the man. It most certainly is not a garden ant.

And finally, at the very end of the trailer, Blunt’s character points her gun in the direction of what sounds like a pack of enormous possums gargling ginger ale. But before anyone can get too comfortable with the gargling sound, the creature releases a screech that would be right at home in a particularly upsetting nightmare.

As this dreadful screech is happening, Blunt's character stands in front of a whiteboard. The whiteboard tells us that the creature cannot see, does not like sound, has armor, and there are three of these things. Oh, boy.

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But what is it that these monsters want? Why are they attacking the humans? And what is with their scarily intense sense of sound? And why the heck did the wailing man insist on letting that wail rip even after Krasinski politely asked him to put a sock in it? The trailer would not dare to spoil the answers to these questions. Instead, the trailer follows Krasinski's advice and keeps quiet.