This Dating App Will Let You Speed Date Via Video Chat Now

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Speed dating just got a lot more interesting. The League, a dating app for professionals launched in 2015, is releasing a new feature starting Dec. 1, where users can go on mini 2-minute video chats within the app. League Live, the dating app's video feature, will switch things up by pairing two different users based on their preferences and location. From there, the users can decide whether it's a good match or not.

The app's main site promotes League Live's ability to help users "say goodbye to bad first dates." “It’s the closest thing you can design in technology that’s like meeting at a bar or meeting at a friend’s party,” The League's CEO Amanda Bradford told the New York Post. “I do see Tinder and Bumble following suit once they see people are going that way.” But while these virtual dates may seem unique and exciting, they won't take place all the time.

After its release next month, the live video dates will only take place Sundays at 9 p.m., according to The Verge. Anyone who is signed on and taking part in League Live will be given three video dates with different users they are matched up with. Each date is prompted with an on-screen icebreaker that makes it easier for the users to get the conversation flowing. And if one person likes the other, they can "heart" them, giving them the ability to be matched up right after the video call. While match-ups are determined based partially on location, the League Live video speed-dating option lets you have your "first date" from the comfort of your couch, so that if it doesn't go as planned, you didn't waste a whole trip or outfit.

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When people think of randomized video chats with strangers it might not be the most comforting thought. Sites like Chatroulette might come to mind. But not everyone will have full access to League Live — and accessibility doesn't have anything to do with whether you're a paying member or not. Both types of members, free and premium, will be able to use League Live, but only those with a high "League Score" can partake in the Sunday video dates. This score is determined by the user's standing within The League app. For example, how often they log on can affect their League Score, but so can whether or not they've been reported before. In addition, users have to share their LinkedIn profiles so the app can verify their identity.

Ultimately, the introduction of this new feature opens up a lot of doors for the future of online dating — and might even save you from a few bad first dates.