Watch Timon Really Come To Life In This 'Lion King' Exclusive Clip

by Allie Gemmill

Even if you're an ultra-fan of Disney, there's a decent chance you might not know everything about their movies. Be it an uncovered deleted scene or a hidden detail in the animation, Disney films are always delivering new surprises to their fans. Take, for example, The Lion King actor Nathan Lane, who voiced Timon, describing how alike he and his animated counterpart really are. This new information about the striking similarities comes courtesy of a new clip released exclusively to Bustle ahead of a special re-release of Disney's The Lion King.

While in conversation with fellow star Matthew Broderick and Disney Theatrical Group President Tom Schumacher, Lane revealed how Disney animators actually took some of his real-life mannerisms and gave them to Timon. If you've ever seen behind-the-scenes footage on a Disney movie, then you may have seen video footage of actors recording their dialogue. In this Lion King-themed discussion, Lane brings up how that footage actually serves multiple purposes. He explains,

"The moment that everyone talks about who does voiceover for one of these films is that when they film you recording, very often your mannerisms are incorporated into the animated character. And at one point, you see the meerkat go [put his hand to his face is frustration] which is a gesture I've often made ... From far away it was this teeny-tiny little animal doing this and it totally killed me."

It may be such a tiny gesture, but it says so much about the attention to detail that Disney pays in delivering authentic performances in every way to the screen.

Sure, Timon would imaginably still have been a memorable character and a total stand-out in the movie even if that little mannerism hadn't been adapted from Lane's actual performance. However, the fact that it's in there somehow makes the performance that much livelier and funnier. Be real: How many meerkats express their frustration by pinching the bridge of their nose and grimacing, just like humans do?

Just one and his name is Timon from The Lion King.

Walt Disney Signature Collection's re-release of The Lion King is out digitally Aug. 15, and available on Blu-ray on Aug. 29.