The 'Mean Girls' Musical Promo Will Make You Feel Like Cady Heron All Over Again

Calling all fans of army pants and flip-flops: A new Mean Girls on Broadway promo video is out, and it makes this musical look like the greatest invention since Toaster Strudel. In the video, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith — aka The Plastics — wear pink (and it's not even a Wednesday) while inviting people to the musical, as if it's an elite high school party. It's certainly reminiscent of the scene from Mean Girls (the movie) when Regina invites Cady Heron to sit with them and then brushes off everything her sidekicks say. The Mean Girls musical is still a while away from its springtime Broadway premiere (it will debut on Oct. 31 at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C.), but there's a lot to look forward to from this fan-favorite getting the musical treatment.

First of all, musicals are totally making a comeback from their 1950s heyday, and they're often really, really funny. That's perfect for one of the best comedies ever, Mean Girls. A few of the greatest TV shows have recently had musical specials, like who could forget the How I Met Your Mother 100th episode musical special? And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, arguably one of the greatest shows currently on TV, is completely made up of hilarious songs that make viewers feel less alone. Comedy and musicals go hand-in-hand really, so it's only right that Tina Fey and her composer-husband Jeff Richmond created the Mean Girls musical after all these years.

The promo itself is undeniably good, and that could be proof enough that the entire show is going to be a totally inner thigh-slapping good time.

And there are a few other reasons to look forward to the Mean Girls musical, if you weren't already super pumped.

1. Richmond, Fey's Husband, Was Behind Some Of The Best 30 Rock Songs

The fact that Fey wrote the book (meaning, the non-musical dialogue) for the Mean Girls musical means that everything spoken will be as hilarious as the movie, but the person behind the music is pretty great, too. He's been thoroughly vetted by Fey, seeing as he's her husband. Richmond composed 30 Rock songs like "Kidney Now!" and "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah," so clearly the music is in great hands.

2. Legally Blonde The Musical Is A Hidden Gem

The Broadway adaptation of Legally Blonde could be considered a precursor to the Mean Girls musical. In a way, Legally Blonde carved the path for the latter's transformation from film to live show, seeing as Legally Blonde (2001) and Mean Girls (2004) came out around the same time and neither of them are by Andrew Lloyd Webber. They likely share similar fans, too, so the way Legally Blonde translated on Broadway literally set the stage.

Fortunately, the Legally Blonde musical is really great, so that probably means that we can look forward to similar wit in the Mean Girls musical. For instance, in Legally Blonde: The Musical's opening song, sorority girls enthusiastically sing,

"Daughter of Delta-Nu, soon to be fiancé, now that a man chose you, your life begins today. Make him a happy home, waste not his hard earned wage and so he does not roam, strive not to look your age"

Those lyrics basically sound like an evil witch's spell to create confining, harmful stereotypes of femininity, and the Mean Girls will likely have equally as wicked satire about cliquey teens.

3. Broadway Does High School Well

In Bring It On: The Musical — which Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda co-wrote — another '00s high school movie materialized on stage. If the guy behind the most popular musical in recent history was willing to work on a Broadway adaptation (pre-Hamilton, of course), there is clearly a great deal of talent behind them. Some might fear that musicals add a cheese factor to things, but actually, it can be the opposite. Choreography may add an extra layer of humor to the already-hilarious plots, and it's really fun to watch.

While Bring It On naturally involves choreography, Mean Girls will have to be a little more creative. There are so many possibilities for how the high school cliques will express themselves with Broadway choreography. The "Sexually Active Band Geeks," "Cool Asians," and "Varsity Jocks" will all probably have their own distinctive dance moves, and it will likely be equal parts impressive and hilarious. Also... Kevin G., just think of all the Kevin G. math dances to behold.

4. The Mean Girls Musical's Cast Is Über Talented

The show is directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, who's basically a Broadway virtuoso, since he recently had four shows playing at once. It's already determined that the brains behind the operation are incredibly smart, and hilarious, but the cast is also seemingly amazing as well. The actor cast as Regina George, Taylor Louderman, starred in Bring It On: The Musical as well as NBC's live Peter Pan as Wendy. Erika Henningsen plays Cady Heron, and she previously starred in Les Misérables, which seems fitting. And Janis? Well, Barrett Wilbert Weed who plays Janis also starred in Heathers: The Musical, so she's more than prepared to take on high school mean girls. From the looks of the new Mean Girls musical's promo, the Plastics are more than prepared to intimidate — and fight — on Broadway.

There sure is a lot to look forward to with the upcoming Mean Girls stage adaptation. As Karen points out in the promo, the cast will be talking and singing and moving their bodies all at the same time. And audiences will probably just laugh and laugh and laugh.