'The Mick' Cast Is Your New Favorite Family

Pamela Littky/FOX

Midseason is upon us, which means a lot of new shows to look forward to as well as the return of our favorites. One such newcomer is a FOX family sitcom that is anything but wholesome. The cast of The Mick includes comedy veterans and a few newcomers that make up a chaotic group of relations.

The new series is about Mickey, "a brash, two-bit hustler from Rhode Island who has spent her entire life shirking any semblance of responsibility. Her lack of drive is complemented by a constant search for the next easy payday." She finds herself taking care of her three wealthy niece and nephews, that according to FOX are "an ambitious, 18-going-on-30-year-old," an "arrogant, entitled neo-con-in-the-making with an extremely punchable face" as well as an "adorably fragile nerd." When their parents are forced to flee the country to avoid fraud charges, Mickey finds herself thrust into a lush life of privilege — and some major responsibilities. She has everything she wanted, but the needs of the children still come first.

Basically, this show is like The Nanny for a new generation. Here is the cast of the new series and where you may have seen them before.

Kaitlin Olson As Mackenzie Murphy

Pamela Littky/FOX

The promotional materials go on to describe Mickey as "not without her charms. She’s smart, she’s fun, and despite all appearances, her head’s always in the game. She just needs a big win." Olson plays a similarly scrappy character on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You might also know her from New Girl, The Heat, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Sophia Black D'Elia As Sabrina Pemberton

Pamela Littky/FOX.

As the eldest Pemberton, Sabrina is described as a "worthy adversary" to Mickey. You have seen the actress before in The Night Of, Gossip Girl, and Project Almanac.

Thomas Barbusca As Chip Pemberton

Pamela Littky/FOX

Barbusca's face is no doubt familiar — you've seen him play similarly unlikable youths pretty much everywhere in the past two years, whether it's as the antagonistic camper in the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix reboot or on Another Period, Preacher, The League, American Horror Story, Middle School, or that Peter Pan Geico commercial.

Carla Jimenez As Alba

Pamela Littky/FOX

Alba is the family maid, who stays behind and ultimately becomes Mickey's partner. You may know this actress from Raising Hope, Lady in the Water, The Adventures Of Puss In Boots, and Last Man Standing.

Jack Stanton As Ben Pemberton

Pamela Littky/FOX

The youngest of Mickey's charges is played by an unknown actor. At seven years old, this is his television debut!

Scott MacArthur As Jimmy

Pamela Littky/FOX

Rounding out the cast is MacArthur, who play's Mickey's sometimes boyfriend who shows up to reap the benefits of her new gig. The actor has been seen in Mad Men, The Mindy Project, Angie Tribeca, and Good Satan.

Pretty much everyone in the cast of The Mick has good comedy chops. Can't wait to see how they all work together (or fail to do so) as a family on The Mick.