'My Super Sweet 16' Is Back & More Lavish Than Ever

Custom cars, teenagers shooting money out of their phones, and golden men carrying a minor into a party. The first trailer for MTV's My Super Sweet 16 reboot is here, and it has everything you hated yourself for loving about the original — and so much more. Since the series ended in 2008, the YouTube generation has arrived, and it seems so has the demand for sweet 16 parties designed to go viral.

The teens in the My Super Sweet 16 trailer are so earnest, you will almost root for them to get their decadent Alice in Wonderland galas and musical debuts in front of adoring crowds. Well, you will right up until the moment that they start demanding Maseratis and sassing their already ridiculously generous parents.

For fans of the original who have officially entered the adult world, hearing teens say things like, "the number one rule of money is don't spend your own," is bound to make your eyes roll. These kids are so full of raw emotion it's hard not to feel for them at least a little, though. One teen declares he wants to have a masquerade ball, so he can finally remove his mask and show his true self to the world. A young woman is heartbroken because her father's incarceration means he can't be at her party. Even as they seem to be getting everything they want, it's clear these teens are chasing something beyond expensive cars, even if they don't necessarily articulating that.

After watching the trailer, you can be almost certain that My Super Sweet 16 will still be the definition of guilty pleasure TV. All the hallmarks of the classic series are there — the tears, the last-minute mishaps, and the parents who slowly seem to realize they have made a terrible mistake — but they are interwoven with the decidedly modern lives these teens lead.

One girl insists she's been DJ-ing since she was 6, and another tells the camera her party has to be bigger than everything, including her wedding (the Bridezilla producers should have her on speed dial). These kids aren't just trying to create the party of the year; many of them seem to be trying to segue their parties into fame. Between the two boys who are throwing lavish concerts featuring their original music and the aforementioned professional DJ, there is some serious ambition driving these over-the-top b-days.

Resistance is futile, guys. You might as well buy your wine and popcorn now and prepare to host a not-so-lavish viewing party on May 14, because you are not going to be able to look away from the mind-boggling decadence of My Super Sweet 16.