Here's What's Coming To Netflix This Week, Including A Long-Awaited Series Return

Liz Minch/Bustle

October is halfway over, the weather is getting colder, and very soon many of you are going to become significantly more attached to your warm, comfy couches. Thankfully, Netflix is making sure you'll have plenty of entertainment options during your hibernation, and the new additions to Netflix this week are proof of that. The streaming site is debuting some new films, some old films, some new series, and some returning favorites, including the third season of Netflix's original Marvel series.

Marvel's Daredevil returns to Netflix this week for its third season, making it the first of the companies' collaborative efforts to reach that milestone. The new season sees Matt Murdock once again facing off against his nemesis Wilson Fisk, who returns as the main villain after being mostly absent from season 2. Also joining the fray is the classic comic book villain Bullseye, who will serve as a new antagonist to Daredevil by usurping his identity and ruining the hero's reputation by committing brutal acts of violence in his name. The new season also sees Matt himself more personally challenged than ever before as he begins to question the two pillars of his foundation: his religion and the justice system.

As entertaining as it looks, Daredevil's third season isn't the only new addition to Netflix this week. Take a look below to see all the best movies and shows the site will be streaming over the next seven days.


'Daredevil' : Season 3 - Oct 19

The Man Without Fear legitimately seems afraid in the third season of this intense Marvel series.


'Making a Murderer': Part 2 - Oct 19

The phenomenon is back for a second season that promises to explore both the effect season one has had on the case of Steven Avery, as well as continued efforts by some to clear his name.


'Ask the Doctor' - Oct 19


Three doctors attempt to answer your most pressing medical queries in this lighthearted new series.


'Derren Brown: Sacrifice' - Oct 19

The British illusionist is back with another psychological experiment. This time it's a test to see if a white nationalist will risk his life to prevent a person of another race from being murdered.


'Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.' - Oct 19

This eight episode limited series showcases a group of kids who undergo a series of unfortunate events while trying to get to Comic-Con.


'Gnome Alone' - Oct 19

The latest in a recent trend of movies based entirely on puns involving gnomes, like Gnomeo and Juliet and Sherlock Gnomes, Gnome Alone is actually completely unrelated to the other films in this strange new genre.


'Haunted' Oct 19

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix unveils this new series that reenacts witnesses' horrifying alleged encounters with the paranormal.


'Hip-Hop Evolution': Season 2 - Oct 19

This original docuseries on the history and development of hip hop returns for a brand new batch of episodes.


'The Night Comes For Us' - Oct 19

This Indonesian thriller follows a gangster who becomes a target of his own gang.


'Accidentally In Love' - Oct 19

This new high school romance series comes to the streaming site all the way from China.


'Wanderlust' - Oct 19

Not to be confused with the movie of the same name, this original new drama series stars Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh as a long-married couple who look to save their relationship by dating other people.

With all of this new content heading to Netflix this week, the cold weather isn't looking so bad after all. Do your worst, October!