The Olenna Tyrell Cosplay To End All Olenna Tyrell Cosplays Puts Her On The Iron Throne Where She Belongs — PHOTO


There were many shocking moments in the latest season of Game of Thrones. One of the best revelations, however, was Olenna Tyrell confessing to poisoning Joffrey right before she dies from poisoning, too. It wasn't that this was the most shocking thing to come out of Season 7, but Tyrell's delivery was so memorable that fans are still talking about how badass she was both in life and death. According to Entertainment Weekly, one reportedly 85-year-old fan took this admiration a step forward and cosplayed as Olenna Tyrell on the Iron Throne saying her shocking last words. You might have seen plenty of allusions to this scene before, but this is pretty much the only one you ever need to see again.

There have been some great Game of Thrones cosplays, especially at Comic-Con. But, while all of the long flowy-haired Danys are great, nothing will ever beat the swagger of an elderly woman — who's wearing stunner shades — admitting to a crime as matter-of-factly as Tyrell did in the Episode 3. Sure, people can continue to try to cosplay as Olenna Tyrell, but that's all they'll be doing. Thie woman from Dragon Con didn't bother to try. She just succeeded. Everyone else can go home.

In Game of Thrones, Olenna Tyrell didn't simply say, "It was me" without some build-up, but I have a feeling that the woman cosplaying as her would deliver that line just out of nowhere before dropping the rose as if it were a mic.

Olenna's actual lines weren't as direct at first, which made them all the more icy. She told Jaime, “I’d hate to die like your son,” after chugging a goblet of poison, which was a great lead into what came next, which was, “Not at all what I intended." Jaime's face falls, before Tyrell adds, "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me." Boom. She should've been wearing hater-shades like the cosplayer, but, then again, she couldn't look Jaime in the eye while casually admitting to killing his son.

Either way, that memorable scene is proof that she deserved to be on the Iron Throne, so it's good that she can finally sit there — even if just in cosplay form.