The One Clue That Ezra Is A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars' You Probably Totally Overlooked

Freeform/Eric McCandless

Now that the big reveal is less than a week away, fan theories are going haywire. And there is one in particular that stands out: Ezra is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars — he's just gotta be. Sure, nothing is confirmed as of yet, but no other suspects seem to have as many strikes against them. Furthering that case, there's one major clue that Ezra is A.D. you may have totally overlooked. It's subtle, yet noteworthy. Ready to dive in?

In the Season 7 episode called "These Boots Are Made For Stalking," Emily gets taunted by one of her students. The Alison DiLaurentis wannabe, appropriately named Addison, tells the principal that Emily's been acting inappropriately with students. This is clearly an outlandish lie, simply because Emily had called her out for skipping swim practice. To help save her reputation, A.D. gifts Emily with surveillance footage of Addison sneaking around with her boyfriend in a car, right behind the Brew (aka the town coffee shop). Proving the real reason Addison missed practice, this gives Emily leverage over the conniving student.

As for how this all ties together, you can thank Reddit user Amandask1984, who rounded up clues that Ezra must be A.D. from a fan-made Facebook page. The list includes the fact that Ezra would be the one with footage from behind the Brew. Because, well, he's the owner of the shop.

Sure, fans know A.D. is sneaky as anything, but who else would have such easy access to the cameras? The number one guess is obviously Ezra. Plus, the Brew has popped up in a few other A.D. interactions. It's where Aria locates her puzzle piece, along with where she finds a burner phone.

Oh, and A.D. also seems to be an expert at navigating Rosewood High School. Like the time they left a black hoodie in a locker for Aria. As a former English teacher from that very school, Ezra seems suspicious yet again. Plus, let's not forget that he once owned this ridiculous amount of surveillance equipment.

When you tie all these loose ends together, no other explanation makes sense. The clue that A.D. has access to Brew footage is just one more reason Ezra looks super guilty.