The Weirdest 'Titanic' Moment You Never Noticed

Paramount Pictures

Everybody has seen Titanic. Scratch that. Everybody has seen Titanic many, many times. The film is one of the biggest hits of all time, so you're probably pretty confident that you know the film inside and out. But there is one weird thing you missed in Titanicsomething lurking below the surface that has managed to evade your gaze throughout all your repeat viewings over the past 20 years, something that will truly shock you and forever change the way you look at the film.

OK, that's a bit of hyperbole, but there is a weird little moment that you probably missed every other time you watched Titanic, and it has to do with Rose being a total badass... and possibly a witch. Yep, a magical maven. This bizarre moment takes place during the scene in which the ship starts sinking and Rose journeys down to the lower levels of the ship in an attempt to find Jack. She runs into a frantic man who, instead of listening to Rose when she asks for help, attempts to drag her to "safety" against her will. Despite her pleas for the man to release her, he continues to pull her down the hallway until Rose has enough and punches him in the face (video below).

The oddity occurs when Rose punches the guy, he reaches up to tend to his now bloodied face and his hands are somehow already covered in blood before he touches his nose.

Maybe it's just me, but there's way too much blood on those hands for it to have somehow splattered from his nose before he touches the wound, leaving Rose's secret witchy identity as the only logical explanation. Clearly, she cast a spell that made this dude bleed from his hands before she even punched him.

Sure, conventional wisdom would suggest that the excess of blood was a special effects snafu. You could choose to accept that the blood was sloppily applied to his hand by the special effects team in order to allow him to transfer the blood to his nose when he touched his face — a little movie magic they though would pass quickly enough that audiences wouldn't notice. But I know the truth. Rose is obviously magically-inclined.

Of course, now that you've been made aware of Rose's magical powers, you're probably wondering why she didn't use them to save Jack, but that's a tale for another time.