The Best Picture Twitter Meme Is The Real Winner

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These days it almost feels like you don't even have to watch award ceremonies, you know the most important moments will be hilariously crystallized for within moments. However, the 89th Academy Awards became somewhat historic when it an amazing twist, La La Land was mistakenly named Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, the true honor going to Moonlight. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime fails that you really wanted to catch live (and celebrate live) for once. However, if you missed #Envelopegate, you have about a gazillion places to replay the moment and the birth of a Twitter meme, in which the Oscars envelope meme crowned hilarious Best Picture winners.

And the Oscar for best picture goes to... oh, pretty much anything you want, to be honest. Twitter has decided to really roll with the envelope, and there are no rules now, as long as Photoshop (or MS Paint) gets involved. We rounded up some of the best envelope reveal memes for your consideration, because here's to the fools who dream, right La La Land?

Really, the Internet became the real winner from this mix-up. But in all sincerity, major congratulations to Moonlight, although some of these other twists would've been highly amusing.

When We Were Getting Serious Grammy Flashbacks

If only Beyoncé could get some award for her efforts.

And Couldn't Help Hoping That We'd Learn The Election Was Also A Mistake

Too soon?

Although Some May Have Felt 'La La Land' Was Slighted

Election flashbacks right now.

When You Were Weirdly Captivated By The Britney Biopic

It was the stand-out Lifetime movie of last week.

When You Believed You Could Fly

And even touch the sky.

And You Thought 'BoJack Horseman' Was Gonna Have A Great Year

I mean, that's some strong backing.

When You Genuinely Can't Believe The Amy Adams Snubs

Year after year...

And Why Didn't This Disney Flick Bring Home The Gold?

It was a huge disappoint to Zefron fans everywhere.

And This Would've Been A Happily Ever After

A timeless classic.

And When Will We Reward The Artistry In This?

So upset.

Or Perhaps There Was Something More Sinister Afoot

The battle for the throne continues.

No Matter What, I'm Sure We Can All Have Fun With This Oscar Fail... For Now

Enjoy it while it's still funny!