You Can Get Your Dog PJs To Match Yours For The Coziest Instagrams Ever

Planning a slumber party with just you and your pet? Good news: You and your dog can wear matching silky PJs and robes at it while you relax. Birmingham, UK-based Etsy shop The Posh Paws Company makes delightful-looking nightwear sets in both human and pupper sizes and designs — and although it’s true that dogs don’t really need clothing (their fur is their clothing, right?), the whole thing is so cute I can barely stand it. A bit bougie, sure, but also adorable.

Matching human-and-pet clothing isn’t exactly new; just last December, for example, matching PJ sets for your entire family, including your furriest members, were readily available at Target. What's more, in January, you could even get a double-header Valentine’s Day sweater meant to be shared with your pet from Zulily. Practical? No. Hilarious? You bet.

The Posh Paw Company’s versions of matching human-puppy loungewear, however, are a heck of a lot fancier than most of the other options we’ve seen up to this point. (Many thanks to Cosmo for bringing them to my attention.) Although you can get straight-up cotton versions, one of the options is satin; for humans, the satin PJ pants are paired with a cotton T-shirt in a coordinating color, while for puppers, the PJs are sort of like a onesie made entirely of satin. The robes, meanwhile, aren't satin, but they are soft and fleecy.

A few more details:

The dog PJs are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL; however, even the larger sizes are only meant to suit small to medium dogs, so if you have, say, a Bernese mountain dog, you might be out of luck with the listing as written. The shop does state that “other sizes are available as a bespoke order,” though, so if you have a larger dog, you can always reach out to the shop with your pupper’s measurements to see if they can accommodate them. Design-wise, the PJs are available in both solid colors and a few patterns (tartan and polka dots, mainly); if you want the satin ones, go for one of the polka-dotted designs.

The human PJs, meanwhile, consist of PJ pants that match the puppy PJs and a colorful T-shirt. They’re available in different genders, though note that the sizing for each is UK sizing (Posh Paws is based in Birmingham, after all). You can get the T-shirt customized with text up to seven letters, too, if that’s your jam — and the same goes for the dog PJs, if you want to create a special sort of pairing.

Then there are the robes. Both the human and dog versions are made of fleece, have long sleeves, and belt at the waist. They’re available in a few different colors, so if you want to get both the PJs and the robe for both you and your pupper, you can make sure everything coordinates (be aware, though, that some colors and designs might be sold out at any given time). Also, due to the sleeves, I would argue that the dog robe answers the age-old question of how a dog would wear trousers: If it wears a robe by putting its front legs through “armholes,” then it wears trousers by putting its hind legs through “leg holes.”

But I digress.

You do have to purchase each PJ set and robe separately, so just be aware that when you use this listing, you’re buying human PJs only, while using this listing buys dog PJs only. Same goes for this listing, which is for the human robe only, and this listing, which is for the dog robe only. Prices for each item vary slightly by size, as well as depending on whether you add things like customized text.

Oh, and hey, if you don’t feel the strong desire to match your pet, but still want to dress them up on occasion, you can also get bow ties, cocktail dresses, and — I kid you not — wedding and bridal attendant dresses for your dog at The Posh Paws Company. Shipping to the United States is a little expensive — around $10 — but, uh… with these folks, you’ve got all your bases covered when it comes to dog apparel, is what I’m saying.

Check out more from The Posh Paws Company here. Your pup will most certainly be the best-dressed pet around.