The 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff Trailer Will Have You Ready To Solve A New Mystery

Fans don't know much about Freeform's upcoming series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists so far, but if the new 35-second teaser trailer for the Pretty Little Liars spinoff is any indication, the show will be just as suspenseful as the original PLL series. The Perfectionists is based on another Sara Shepard novel of the same name, though the show looks like it's taken some liberties in straying from the book. Most notably, The Perfectionists wasn't a Pretty Little Liars spinoff novel; Ali and Mona being characters in the series is a new addition for the show.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Ali is looking for a fresh start by becoming a teacher at a Beacon Heights, Oregon, school. Unfortunately, the new town might be just as twisted as Rosewood. It's also not clear what Mona is doing in the new show, though she and Ali seem to have long forgotten their past feud and are ready to eat pie together — but then again, it's hard to say no to Mona when she's brandishing a knife.

The trailer doesn't reveal much about the new characters — Ali and Mona are the only people who actually speak to each other in the clip. But the teaser does show a brief glimpse of the new ensemble cast, with scenes that include dramatic stares out of windows, some super serious walking by water, and some possibly-fake crying. Oh, and an ominous voice-over revealing that "someone is about to snap and kill."

According to TVLine, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists will debut on Freeform in 2019, and details about the show are scarce so far. In addition to Ali and Mona, fans do know that two of the major characters will include Ava, played by Sofia Carson, and Caitlin, played by Sydney Park. Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford will star in the show, too, as Claire Hotchkiss, whose son's murder sets the series in motion.

For eager fans of the two books, the show's IMDb page doesn't include info on who might play The Perfectionists' Mackenzie, Julie, and Parker, or whether or not they'll be characters in the show at all. TVLine does report that Eli Brown's character, Dylan, plays the cello, so maybe he's the show's version of Mac? But Hayley Erin is listed on the show's cast page without a character name, too, so the show still has a few casting mysteries.

Naturally, the brief trailer raises plenty of questions. For example, when Ali first arrives in Oregon, she tells a cab driver that she's moving for her teaching job. But given the Pretty Little Liars finale, shouldn't Emily and her daughters be there, too? It's definitely odd that Ali would be arriving in her new hometown by herself, but there are a few possible explanations. Emily and the kids could be moving there later, if Ali had to get there to start teaching by a certain date. Or, she and Emily could be broken up, though that would devastate PLL fans. More likely, the show will make references to Emily in passing. Shay Mitchell is starring in a new Lifetime show, and the filming might conflict with potential guest appearances on The Perfectionists. (Then again, though, Mitchell is also set to star in ABC's The Heiresses, another upcoming series based on a Sara Shepard book, so you never know what will happen.)

It's also worth pointing out that The Perfectionists isn't the first attempt at a Pretty Little Liars spinoff. Ravenswood was canceled after one season, but that doesn't mean fans should lose hope for The Perfectionists. Unlike Ravenswood, The Perfectionists is based on another book from Shepard, which has to count for something. And it features two fan-favorite PLL characters, which should go a long way in attracting fans.

There's one more thing PLL fans have to look forward to as well: Ali and Mona may not be the only PLL characters in the new show. In a recent interview with Bustle, Lucy Hale said that part of the discussion about a potential Perfectionists guest appearance would be whether or not her CW series, Life Sentence, was renewed for a second season. The network chose not to renew the show, which is bad news for Life Sentence fans, but could potentially be good news for the new Freeform series. Hopefully, Freeform will share more trailers for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists soon — there's clearly a lot going on in Beacon Heights.