Here's What Lucy Hale Has To Say About An Aria Cameo In The 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff

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Almost a year ago, one of TV's greatest teen mysteries came to an end. The Pretty Little Liars finale left fans with plenty of answers, but also ample heartbreak. And since the TV gods seemingly listened to our pleas for more, a Pretty Little Liars spinoff, called PLL: The Perfectionists, was announced by Freeform. Among the many questions swirling in fans' heads is this big one: Will Lucy Hale return for the PLL spinoff? Or in the very least, will she make a cameo? Well, the answer depends on a few factors, the Truth or Dare star recently revealed to Bustle in a recent interview.

Hale's former PLL co-stars, Janel Parrish (Mona) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) are already signed on for the spinoff, and it's certainly possible that the actor will join them. "I know they just did the pilot, and I'm sure it'll go to series... If they do, I don't know, it kind of depends if my show goes another season," Hale tells Bustle. "For me, the Pretty Little Liars chapter is closed for now, but I'm always open to revisiting it later on, maybe."

By "my show," Hale is referring, of course, to The CW's Life Sentence, where she plays Stella, a 20-something who discovers her terminal cancer is in remission. Although a second season hasn't yet been announced, fans are hopeful that the news will come soon. In the meantime, Hale is busy promoting the scary Truth or Dare and Netflix's dramedy Dude but even while working on these projects, she still makes sure to congratulate her PLL pals on their own success. "I'm very happy for them, very excited to see what they're going to do," Hale says.

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Even if Hale doesn't show up in the PLL spinoff, Hale will never be too fa from her Rosewood days. Most recently, she played Olivia in Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, about a spring break gone horribly wrong. Olivia accidentally gets her friends trapped in a deadly game of — you guessed it — truth or dare, and both the character and the movie itself will give PLL fans some serious deja vu.

"What was so great about PLL is there were these five really strong female characters that were really selfless and determined and were all leaders," Hale explains. "And I think Olivia is very much like that, she's like the glue of the group.... she starts out super sweet and naive... [but] by the end of the film, she's really broken down, but stepped up and takes control of the situation and ends up saving the remainder of her friends that are still alive."

While they find themselves in very different scenarios, Aria, Olivia, and even Stella have more in common than just the actor who plays them. They're all forced into uncertain circumstances and find themselves fighting for their lives — whether that means battling a demon in a truth or dare game, tracking down someone in a black hoodie sending cryptic texts, or dealing with a terminal illness.

Hale says she has nothing but gratitude for the kind of complex roles she's taken on over the years. "I feel lucky that I've gotten to play such fantastic female leads that it can't not impact me. They're all people that I would strive to be more like," she says.

So while it remains to be seen if the actor will once again don Aria's leopard print clothes and over-the-top earrings for The Perfectionists, fans can at least take comfort in the fact that Hale is doing the kind of roles that Aria would most definitely be proud of.