Here's Why 'PLL's Uber A Reveal May Be "Sad"


Following a dramatic, twist-packed run, Pretty Little Liars will unmask its final villain when the series wraps its seventh season this summer. But PLL's last chapter may not be as morally satisfying as some viewers might hope, because showrunner I. Marlene King announced that the Uber A reveal will be "sad." During a recent Twitter Q&A, King responded to a fan's inquiry about why it could be disheartening by saying that, in her opinion, "every villain has a real human story. The best villains are relatable people."

If you think back to PLL's previous antagonists, her comment actually makes a whole lot of sense. Mona was the original A, and while her actions weren't condonable, they came from a human place. Allison had bullied her mercilessly, and Hannah, Emily, Aria, and Spencer did nothing to come to her defense. In her mind, Mona was standing up for herself, not enacting a delusional revenge plot.

Charlotte's motivations, too, may have been twisted, but warranted sympathy. She'd had a rough and lonely upbringing that left her emotionally scarred. She struggled with gender identity as a child, and when she tried to embrace who she was, she was shunned by her father and locked away in Radley to lead a life filled with solitude and medication.

Uber A (or A.D., if you want to be formal) is certainly the most dangerous of PLL's villains, but from the sounds of it, that could mean their backstory is also the most troubling. Start rounding up your best theories now.

Whoever this is, they're violent, confident, and dead-set on terrorizing the girls. They must have one hell of a reason, and no matter how deranged it might be, their story could be tragic enough to melt even the steeliest of hearts. Fans will just have to wait and see.