The Random Kitchen Gadget You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Random Kitchen Gadget You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Many of us are spending a little extra time in the kitchen due to social distancing, and we've been on some fun culinary journeys because of it. Whether you've reached an "I'm tending to my sourdough bread starter" level or are simply trying to muster up the energy needed to fix a bowl of cereal, every kitchen adventure is made all the more exciting when you have some funky kitchen appliances to assist you in (or perhaps fully inspire) your recipe-making. And with so many quirky kitchen gadgets on the market, why not let your zodiac sign do the choosing for you?

While many of us don't have the kitchen space to collect every random and odd kitchen appliance on the market (on second though, I probably don't need that miniature electric fondue warmer), I think we can treat ourselves during quarantine and clear a little shelf space for something — especially if it's something useful. Oh, and the best part about these gadgets is that all of them can be ordered from Amazon and delivered straight to your doorstep — zero unnecessary trips out required.

Ready to level up your game in the kitchen? Here's the quirky kitchen gadget you need, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Heated Knife To Warm Spreads Instantly

Patience is a virtue that the zodiac gods forgot to bestow upon you, Aries, which makes this self-warming butter knife the gadget of your dreams. No more waiting for your toast spread of choice to soften to room temperature in order to get that smooth, buttery feel — the heated knife will do that for you instantly, making everything easy to spread, even if your toast has gone cold.

Taurus: A Mini-Griddle That Will Make Fancy Breakfasts So Much Easier

Ever wanted to whip up a single-serving pancake or cookie? Of course you have, Taurus — because you want your solo meals to be just as luxurious and decadent as they would be if you were serving guests. Now you can whip up whatever you want, single-serving, with this fun mini griddle. While it's great for breakfast items, you can also use its nonstick surface for things like stir-frying veggies or grilling sandwiches.

Gemini: This Microwave Cleaner That Will Do Your Chores & Make You Laugh

You're a multi-tasker extraordinaire, Gemini — but that doesn't mean you have time to do menial kitchen chores like microwave cleaning. Well, now you can have this adorable lil' angry mama do it for you. Just add vinegar and water for an easy steam clean sesh that'll free up some extra time to cook instead of clean.

Cancer: A Pancake Pen To Create Breakfast Art

There's an art to breakfast, Cancer — as the most naturally nurturing sign of the zodiac, you know that. Now, you can add even more art to the art of breakfast using this super fun pancake pen, which allows you to squeeze pancake batter onto the pan with a controlled line. Combine your domestic skills with your creative skills and make some edible works of pancake art. Once you learn the technique, you'll be the Picasso of the pancake world (which will come easily to a creative water sign like you) — and anyone who is lucky enough to share a household with you is sure to be wowed.

Leo: A Soft Serve Maker To Turn Fruit Into Dessert

With your optimism and sunshine-y attitude, Leo, you can turn fruit into froyo. Well, OK, in truth, you might actually need some help from a kitchen gadget for that, and the Yonanas soft serve maker is your main squeeze. This baby turns frozen bananas and other fruits into creamy, fluffy soft serve in minutes — and you can add any toppings or sauces you'd like.

Virgo: Nesting Bowls So Your Cabinets Will Never Be Messy Again

Nothing drives you up the wall like a messy, disorganized cabinet, Virgo, so put an end to all that by investing in this affordable set of nesting bowls. These multi-purpose kitchen bowls are great for all different uses, come in bright colors, and also include stackable measuring spoons that'll make both cooking and keeping your kitchen organized a breeze.

Libra: A Popcorn Popper To Level Up Your Snack Game

As one of the most social signs of the zodiac, Libra, you've had to figure out some new ways to spend your time recently — so I don't blame you if you've been marathon-watching every show under the sun! And this adorable popcorn popper (which comes in a whopping 18 different colors, by the way) is exactly what you need to up your movie-watchin' snack game. It's BPA-free and made of food grade silicone, and allows you to pop your kernels without any oil, making it a healthier choice all around. Plus, now you'll never have to buy bags of popcorn again.

Scorpio: A Pitcher That Brews Tea & Cold-Brew Coffee So You Can Get Your Fix

Pondering life's existential mysteries is just so much sexier when you have a cup of coffee or tea in-hand, isn't it? As a deep water sign (who happens to be known as the most mysterious sign of the zodiac), you know it, Scorpio. Now you can keep up your mystique even on the hottest of summer days with this easy-to-use pitcher that brews cold brew coffee in a pinch, and can also be used as a tea infuser for hot and cold tea alike. You can even use it to infuse water with lemon and other fruits, if you're going easy on the caffeine.

Sagittarius: A Garlic Twist That'll Make It Easy To Flavor-ify All Your Food

Fiery Sagittarius that you are, you love your food to be full of flavor. But let's be honest: chopping garlic sucks, and while we want our food to be full of it, we don't want our hands to smell for the next week. Enter this super handy garlic twist, which allows you to mince garlic without having to chop a thing, and also allows you to use the entire bulb — juice and all. Your home cooked meals just got a lot more flavorful.

Capricorn: A Magic Wand To Instantly Chill & Aerate Your Wine

You love the finer things in life, Cap, and obviously that includes the finest of all things in life: wine. Up your happy hour game by investing in these amazing two-in-one wine wands, which simultaneously aerates the wine for maximum flavor and also chills it, all while you pour. Just pop them in your freezer, and whip them out when you're ready to pop open a favorite bottle of vino.

Aquarius: A Handheld Spiralizer To Turn Veggies Into Noodles

Who knew a pile of raw veggies could easily become a delicious noodle salad or spaghetti dinner? You live for anything innovative, Aquarius, so obviously this concept is perfect for you. This handy handheld spiralizer allows you to turn zucchini, carrots, and other veggies into gorgeously swirly spirals that will put a healthy twist on your favorite noodle dish.

Pisces: A Magical Tool That Turns A Watermelon Into A Literal Keg

OK, Pisces, your Pinterest party goals are about to become an all-too-easy reality with this amazing watermelon keg that makes tapping a watermelon a one-minute task. Just hollow out a watermelon (or another large and sturdy-rinded fruit, like a pumpkin), install the drink dispenser, and fill it with your favorite cocktail, juice, or fruity water. Prepare to let your creative juices flow — pun intended!