The Best Activity To Do When You're Bored At Home, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What To Do When You're Bored At Home, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Having limited contact with the outside world for the past few weeks is causing many of us to feel a little stir-crazy. Because let's face it, there's only so much scrolling, streaming, and Zoom chatting one can do in a single week. Plus, how many more times can you raid the fridge to look for yet another snack? Finding new ways to entertain yourself while you're bored at home is suddenly at the top of our priority lists.

What makes astrology so fun and great is that it offers insights into what makes us tick, so if you're trying to find something fulfilling and fun to do with your spare time at home right now, why not look to your zodiac sign for some suggestions? Each sign has its own strengths and weakness, so by playing to the interests and motivations of our sun signs, we can find things to do that stave off the stir-crazy boredom we're all collectively experiencing and actually feel productive and mentally stimulated.

That said, get ready to kiss your endless scrolling goodbye and check out these suggestions on what to do if you’re bored at home, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Break A Sweat

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Aries are naturally energetic and physical, so breaking a sweat will help you feel more like yourself. There are many free or discounted virtual exercise classes available — or you can just turn on your favorite pop album and dance your butt off in front of your mirror like you're back at the club with your crew. It's amazing what some endorphins can do for our well-being.

Taurus: Pamper Yourself

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You know how to work hard, Taurus, but you know what else is your area of expertise? Self-care. And you've earned it! Slapping on a clay mask, taking a soothing bath, and then giving yourself an adorable at-home pedicure is a great way to spend the evening — and you'll feel refreshed afterward, too.

Gemini: Learn Something New

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If anyone loves fun facts and deep-diving into information, it's you, Gemini. And while chatting with your friends is fun, it can also be exhausting to have be so social — even if it is virtual — so make yourself a Reddit account and start browsing threads that pique your interest. Plus, you can choose to just browse or partake in virtual conversations depending on your mood.

Cancer: Bake Something

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Cancers are domestic and nurturing by nature, so moonwalk your way into everyone's heart (including your own) through the comforting act of baking. Dig through your cupboards for an inventory on ingredients, then get creative with what you've got on hand. It'll keep you busy for a couple hours — and the deliciousness of the treats you bake will linger even longer.

Leo: Go Live On Instagram

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Put your big personality and confident persona to good use by going live on Instagram to entertain your followers. Whether you choose to karaoke your favorite love song, livestream your cooking adventures, or just go live to sound off about your favorite topic of the day, you're sure to entertain yourself (and others) with the excitement of having all eyes on you.

Virgo: Get Organized

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Virgos have a gift when it comes to organization — like, seriously, Marie Kondo has nothing on you So you'll probably find it soothing, entertaining, and productive to tackle a home organization project that's been on your back burner for a while, such as sorting through your clothes, cleaning out a drawer, or getting all your jewelry organized. Once you get into the groove, you'll find that hours pass like minutes — and the finished result will definitely spark joy.

Libra: Give Yourself A Makeover

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Libras love to glam it up, but it feels a little awkward to get all dressed up with nowhere to go, since we're currently spending most of our time at home. But you don't need an outside-the-house excuse to experiment with your look. Dig through your closet and try on some funky outfit pairings, then snap #OOTD pics to reference for later on. Or pull up a YouTube makeup tutorial so you can finally master that brightly-colored winged eyeliner look you've been coveting.

Scorpio: Research How To Read Astrology Charts

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You're a mystical being, Scorpio, and let's be honest — you love to get the inside scoop on people and dig beneath the surface. Instead of lurking the crap out of your exes' social media accounts, take it to the next level and creep on their astrology chart instead. Start Googling to find resources on the basics of how to read an astrology chart, then research away. You'll be giving Zoom astro readings for your friends and family members in no time.

Sagittarius: Take A Free Online Class

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You're ruled by knowledge-seeking planet Jupiter, so indulge your free-spirited quest for learning by taking an online class to learn a new skill from home. There are many virtual resources that can enrich your day and teach you something new — so sign up for free cooking classes, gardening classes, or even open-access college courses that will keep you entertained at home.

Capricorn: Spruce Up Your LinkedIn & Resume

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As a work-focused sign, it's always a good idea to be on your toes and make sure your resume, LinkedIn account, and other professional resources are up-to-date. This is always floating somewhere on our to-do lists, so getting it done will feel like a major accomplishment that will come in handy down the road.

Aquarius: Watch A Documentary

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As an air sign, you love to learn new things about the world, so streaming shows and movies doesn't always cut it. Expand your brain while also entertaining yourself by streaming a documentary instead. Browse your streaming service of choice for interesting options, or check out some of the many online resources for free documentary access, such as Documentary Heaven.

Pisces: Get Creative

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Pisces are naturally creative and enjoy expressing themselves through art, so bringing out your art supplies — whether that's paint and a canvas, magazines and glue for collaging, or just a pencil and paper — and devote a few hours to freely expressing yourself. This therapeutic practice is both fun and entertaining, and you'll be happy to have something pretty to show for it at the end.