'Real Housewives Of Auckland' Looks Over-The-Top Glam

Clear some room in your TV schedule, because The Real Housewives of Auckland is finally airing in the States. On July 22, Bravo will share the first episode of the first season, and judging from the spectacular Real Housewives of Auckland supertease, it looks like there will be loads of drama, glamour, and gorgeous locales. If the preview is to be believed, this chapter of the Real Housewives franchise will deliver just the right amount of aspirational escapism. Oh, and there will also be a champagne tycoon. You can check out the clip at Bravo's website.

Since the season has already aired in New Zealand, the U.K., and Australia, you could spoil the whole shebang by reading all of the online recaps, but where’s the fun in that? For now, the supertease and the BravoTV.com bios will suffice.

The RHOAKL lineup includes fashion designer/lifestyle guru Angela Stone, socialite Gilda Kirkpatrick, author/businesswoman/athlete/retired model Julia Sloane, TV presenter Louise Wallace, fashion connoisseur/former model Michelle Blanchard, and Champagne importer Anne Batley Burton, also known as “The Champagne Lady.” Well, it was only a matter of time before they introduced a Real Housewife who goes by "The Champagne Lady"; Real Housewives love them some champs. For crying out loud, there was a Real Housewife who had a champagne doorbell installed in her home. But hey, if there's anyone who should have that sobriquet, it's the person who has literally been named a Dame of Champagne.

You can watch and listen to all of the RHOAKL stars' taglines below.

The champagne, the high-end cars, the helicopter rides, the mansions, the jewels the size of apricots... whew. Heather Dubrow isn't on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it looks like RHOAKL will keep Fancy Pants' fancy legacy alive on Bravo.