Sorry Kristina Fans, The Signs Say That Dean & Danielle Are Dating After 'BiP'


Whether you feel like Alexis and are mad at Dean for how he's treating Kristina or just want Dean to follow his heart, there's no denying that Dean's relationship with Danielle L. on Bachelor In Paradise caused a commotion during the Aug. 21 episode. KrisDeana is definitely in trouble with Dean having feelings for both Kristina and Danielle. As the episode ended with Kristina crying after Dean gave Danielle a half-birthday cake, KrisDeana could be officially done. If so, Danielle and Dean may have continued dating in Paradise and could still be together. And while fans can only speculate for now, clues on social media just may hint that Danielle and Dean are still dating.

Of course, nothing on Dean's, Danielle's, or Kristina's social media account is definitive proof of a Dean and Danielle relationship. But that doesn't mean fans can't speculate a little. After all, sometimes it's what isn't being said that is more reliable in figuring out who's still together after Bachelor In Paradise. For instance, an advanced search on Twitter shows that Dean and Danielle have not tweeted to one another and there doesn't appear to be any other public interactions between them on social media either. Does that mean Dean and Danielle are hiding a relationship or that they don't like each other anymore? To be fair, Dean and Kristina also haven't tweeted to one another, but they both have shared photos of each other and Kristina has referenced Dean on her Twitter on more than one occasion (more on that in a bit).

Anyway, if you can't wait to see how Dean and Danielle's potential relationship plays out on Bachelor In Paradise, these social media clues should tide you over.

Dean & Danielle Were Traveling Suspiciously Close To One Another

Dean's Instagram shows that he was at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The music festival was held from Aug. 11 to Aug. 13. Four days after the festival, Danielle was headed to San Francisco for the weekend. Sure, Dean seems to have been back in the Los Angeles area by Aug. 16, but their California close calls could be a way to throw BiP fans off their trail.

Danielle & Kristina Aren't Hanging Out On Instagram

Both Danielle and Kristina seem to have made some lasting friendships from their times on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. Yet, though they run in similar Bachelor Nation friend groups, their Instagrams show that they don't seem to hang out together. (Although this photo from Danielle's Instagram shows that they did before Bachelor In Paradise started filming.) This could be evidence that Danielle is still with Dean and that these two women avoid each other because of the past love triangle tension.

Kristina Is Still Not Pleased With Dean On Social Media

Kristina could be tricking viewers on Twitter like Evan and Carly did during Season 3, but she hasn't been shy about calling out Dean through tweets. If you do think she's intentionally misleading fans to make them think she's still mad at Dean, there was radio silence on her Twitter during the Aug. 21 episode, which might prove her anger is legitimate.

But Dean & D. Lo Were Spotted Together

In July, this tweet shows that Dean and Danielle were spotted together. If was indeed taken post-Paradise they're at least still on good terms — if not still dating.

Fans of Bachelor In Paradise won't know for weeks if/how Dean will choose Danielle over Kristina — and if Dean and Danielle will stay together — but keep checking their social media accounts for other clues until then.