All The Surprise Celebrity Cameos On The 'SNL' Finale

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though nothing could top Brad Pitt's Dr. Fauci impression that opened the previous at home episode, Saturday Night Live was still able to squeeze in a number of celebrity cameos for its 45th finale. No, they didn't have Miley Cyrus singing Pink Floyd or Paul Rudd FaceTiming with his weird cousin, but they did have another signature Donald Trump impression from Alec Baldwin and a chaotically unhinged cold open from SNL alum Kristen Wiig, plus a few other unexpected guests.

Alas, fans now have a long SNL dry spell ahead of them: the show isn't set to return until September. But hopefully by then, the cast will be able to safely resume filming at Studio 8H rather than calling in from their respective homes. Although if it means more of these delightfully random celebrity appearances, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea to keep at it? Just for old time's sake? Anyone? No?

Anyway, you can get one last SNL fix before Season 46 with the Mother's Day special airing May 10 at 9p.m. ET. Until then, here are all of the celebs who popped up in the finale. Maybe in September, they'll get a chance to reunite with the cast IRL.

Alec Baldwin

The St. Mary Magdalene students' first through sevenths choices (which included the Obamas, Axl Rose, the murder hornets, and Elon Musk and Grimes' baby) weren't available for their virtual graduation ceremony, so Baldwin's Trump gave the keynote speech. Referring to himself as their "vale-dictator," the president advised the students to "never wear sunscreen" while drinking from a bottle of Clorox. By the end of his talk, only the principal and the class' single Trump-supporting student were still on the call.

Kristen Wiig

The Bridesmaids star appeared on Saturday night to perform an...interesting song and dance for Mother's Day.

Martin Short

Comedy legend Martin Short played one half of a careless couple, Deidre (Heidi Gardner) and Ripley, who'd just arrived home from a vacation in Italy, despite the quarantine. Their friends were nonplussed.

Josh Gad

Gad made a brief appearance during the "Song for the Kids" sketch, whose controversial premise was that kids should be allowed to drink. Gad played his Frozen snowman character Olaf, who sang that Disney said it's fine to give kids alcohol. A disclaimer then came up on the screen, which read, "*Not approved by Disney. Multiple lawsuits pending."

Boyz II Men & Babyface

The R&B legends performed "A Song for Mama" from their various homes in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday.

Danny Trejo

Once again, Davidson sang a song on this week's SNL, accompanied by his fellow cast member Chris Redd. This time, it was dedicated to action star Danny Trejo, who also made a brief cameo. "And also I got my own donut shop!" the actor exclaimed at the end of the sketch.

Tina Fey

The former SNL writer and 30 Rock creator showed up on Weekend Update to lament about how sick she is of quarantine. However, she also reminded the mothers in the audience that they're going to be OK and probably smell fine.