The New '13 Reasons Why' Trailer Song Is So Eerie

Beth Dubber/Netflix

Netflix's latest teen project is tackling some heavy subject matter, and it has the perfect soundtrack to back it up. The song in the new 13 Reasons Why trailer is "Game of Survival," by Ruelle. Thanks to its eerily beautiful sound and foreboding mood, Ruelle's song establishes an appropriately unsettling atmosphere for the Selena Gomez-produced drama.

Based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why follows the story of a group of teens who all receive cassette tapes from Hannah Baker, a student at their school who committed suicide. In the trailer, Hannah reveals everyone who she sent a posthumous tape to played a role in her death. The story's premise is chilling, which is exactly why "Game of Survival" makes so much sense as an introduction to this world.

Ruelle is the alter ego of songwriter Maggie Eckford. According to Apple, the music she records under the name Ruelle tends to be darker than her other music. It's pop with an edge, and her songs often appear in shows similar to 13 Reasons Why, like Scream and Revenge.

"Game of Survival" is a lyrical game of cat and mouse, where the stakes could not possibly be higher. Given Hannah is blaming 13 people at her school for her death, the repercussions for their future and the horrifying truth of what drove Hannah to take her own life are sure to intertwine in a series where actions lead to devastating consequences.

In "Game of Survival," Ruelle sings,

Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey? / There's no surrender and there's no escape

Hannah may be gone, but she left her story behind for those who hurt her during her all too short life to unravel. From the trailer alone, it is clear the series will delve deep into the ways a person's actions can affect another person, and how important it is to treat others with respect. With her tapes, Hannah has set up a game of sorts designed to make the 13 recipients face the choices they made while she was still alive. Thematically, Netflix could not have chosen a better artist than Ruelle to usher in the mystery and tragedy awaiting viewers in 13 Reasons Why.

If you cannot get her haunting vocals out of your head after watching the trailer, go ahead and add Ruelle's beautiful anthem to your rainy day playlist. Listening to "Game of Survival" on repeat is the best way to pass the time while you impatiently wait for all 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why to arrive on Netflix on March 31.