You Can Buy Snow White's Magic Mirror Thanks To Spectrum's Gorg New Disney Collab

Disney is having such a great time this year. From its new collaborations with brands such as Vans and Pandora, to the continuing success of collections like Bésame's Snow White-inspired makeup line, everyone can have a piece of Disney in their life. In short, it's a great time to be a Disney fan. And now UK-born and raised brush and cosmetics brand Spectrum is releasing another corker to add to our wish list. Here's everything you need to know about the new Spectrum x Disney Snow White Collection.

The collection features two brush sets and a number of brush accessories including makeup bags, pots to store the brushes in and even a "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"-inspired mirror and brush set. The brushes in the sets use silky synthetic hair and feature either red or white bristles.

Spectrum's take on the Disney classic highlights the good vs evil element to the story, with metallic, silver colours to represent Snow White and blood red and black gothic shades for the Wicked Queen.

The campaign for the collection is fronted by super cool model Felicity Hayward as Snow White, and Kitty Moran as the Wicked Queen. Speaking about these choices, co-founder of Spectrum Collections Sophie Pycroft said, "Felicity was such an amazing choice for the campaign, she is an incredible influence in the modelling industry and both she and Kitty brought great depth to the shoot."

Here's everything in the collection (prepare your shopping lists now, because you're going to want it ALL.)

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