The Spice Girls Roasted Jack Whitehall HARD After He Asked To Replace Posh On Tour

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The Spice Girls have been tweeting a fair bit since officially announcing their reunion tour. They've been getting hyped up with their fans, as well as retweeting love from celeb adorers, including Drag Race superstar Adore Delano. It's not all been a "Love Thing" though, and the girls have even thrown some hilarious joke shade towards some unsuspecting celebs. None other than Jack Whitehall has been the first victim to the Spices' wrath, and who knows who could be next? Either way, I'm living for it. The latest incident came about when the Spice Girls responded to Jack Whitehall's request to replace Posh on tour.

Whitehall thought he could get in on the act, but it's only girls allowed (plus, maybe, dads). Whitehall has certainly earned his rep as the Posh of the UK comedy world. When you think about it, most comedians here have regional accents; Peter Kay's from Bolton, John Bishop's from Merseyside, Sarah Milican's from South Shields. Whitehall may stand out with his BBC-style received pronunciation, but that's the only Posh he's gonna be.

Since the news broke that the Posh wouldn't be making an appearance at the reunion tour, Whitehall thought he'd be able to make a suitable replacement. Maybe if he shaved the beard and managed to squeeze into one of Becks' dresses, he might be able to fool some people, but not the girls themselves.

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Following the announcement on Nov. 5, Whitehall tweeted to the girls: "Spice Girls Reunion. Yes please. Apparently they are looking for a replacement ‘Posh’? You know where to find me," alongside a pretty brazen looking selfie.

The girls reminded us why we love their no-nonsense brand of Girl Power when they tweeted back: "Is your dad available?" ZING. Maybe Mr Whitehall AKA Michael Whitehall, the man who appears alongside his son on Netflix's Travels With My Father, makes for a better Posh lookalike, or maybe the girls just prefer a silver fox. Either way, Jack Whitehall's definitely going to get ripped into by his dad. I imagine Mr Whitehall's feeling pretty pleased with himself right now, actually.

People on Twitter were very into the zinger, too:

Whitehall has yet to respond, but I'll update this post if he does. I've also really been into Adele's response to the Spice Girls reunion. She Instagrammed a throwback of her younger self looking giddy in front of her bedroom wall, which was plastered with Spice Girls posters. It seems like nothing's changed, as she captioned the post: "HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY". Maybe I'm being overly optimistic here, but can you imagine Adele hopping onstage for a rendition of "Say You'll Be There?" It would make an iconic moment doubly iconic. It would be iconique.

But if Posh really does need a replacement, then there's really only one person for it. Who's more iconically British and posher than Posh herself? The Queen, duh. This is my official calling to get ol' Lizzy up on that stage for a zig ah zig ahhh. Go on, Liz. Say You'll Be There.