Victoria Beckham Says The Spice Girls Reunion Will Not Happen For This Understandable Reason

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Uh oh, do you sense that? Yes, that is even more Spice Girls reunion chatter in the wind. Back in July of 2016, a report surfaced that Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton could play Hyde Park in 2017 in honor of the Spice Girls’ 21st anniversary. It's been a rumor roller coaster — nay, a rumor flying double-decker bus — ever since. (My personal favorite story: the alleged Spice Girls audition.) However, if there has been one constant in this ever-changing Spice World, it is that Victoria Beckham is not interested in a Spice Girls reunion. Posh has said it time and time again: She really, really, really wants to move-ah-move-on.

In a recent interview with The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie, Beckham confirmed that she has not changed her mind about the Spice Girls reunion. When Guthrie asked Posh for the word on whether or not the quintet will get back together, the fashion designer said,

“There won’t be a reunion because I think that when we performed at the Olympics it was so great and that was us celebrating everything that we’d achieved. But I still talk to all the other girls, we’re still very close, but I think that you need to know when it’s time to actually say, ‘That was great, we achieved a lot.’ And everybody moves on.”

Can’t knock that. As far as pop group reunions go, I don’t know if you can do much better than absolutely crushing the closing ceremony of the Olympics. You’d have to, like, put a concert on the moon or something. I realize I sound like the most broken of broken records, but I’m going to say it again: As much as I wish another Spice Girls reunion would happen, I understand where Beckham is coming from. Not only has she moved on, but the group went out on top, reunited, and then went out on top again. It's a legacy many pop acts could only dream of, so why mess with it?

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Beckham’s words echo what Melanie Chisholm told Love back in August of 2016. "For me the absolute pinnacle of my Spice existence was being watched by a billion people around the globe belting out 'Spice up Your Life' on top of a black cab at the 2012 London Olympics,” Sporty Spice explained to the publication. “Anything less than the full line-up just didn’t feel like we’d be doing justice to the band or the fans."

While Chisholm has made it clear that she, like Beckham, isn’t into this reported 2017 reunion event, she could change her mind in the future. When the “I Turn To You” singer appeared on Lorraine back in January, she threw some gasoline on the reunion rumor flame:

“I know there’s been so much speculation since Geri left in 1998, it never goes away. And it was the 20th anniversary last year, it would’ve been the perfect opportunity to do it. It just didn’t work out. Everyone’s doing different things and on different paths, but all of us say, ‘Maybe at some point something will happen.”

And on last Friday night’s episode of UK chat program The Nightly Show, Chisholm talked about — you guessed it — the reunion:

“It’s not really doing the band justice to go out as a four piece, whoever is missing, it doesn’t matter. For me, the Spice Girls is like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not the same … It's different to other bands. Look at Take That. They're going out as a three piece and they're brilliant. I love the boys! But with the Spice Girls, everything about us was the individuality and what that created together.”

Mel C. won’t do it unless everybody is in. So uh, if Vicky Becks is done for good, it sounds like Mel C. is done for good, too.

But hey, we'll always have the London Olympics.