The 'This Is Us' Finale May Have Foreshadowed Jack's Death, If You Believe This Eerie Theory

Midway through Season 1 of This Is Us, Kevin found himself having to explain to his nieces how everything in life is connected, and through those connections spanning decades, no one is ever truly gone. It was a beautiful speech, but could it also have been foreshadowing Jack Pearson's past coming back to haunt him? US Weekly shared a new This Is Us fan theory about Jack's death, and it makes so much sense that it might end up giving you goosebumps.

The Pearson family patriarch was at the center of the season's final episode in a major way. Fans were given a chance to see Jack at a time in his life before he met Rebecca, when he was young and willing to risk everything at a shady poker game. When the finale aired, it seemed like the show was simply illustrating how much better off Jack is with Rebecca in his life. Now it seems the dangerous game of poker that ended with Jack being robbed and attacked was about more than the lead-up to him meeting the love of his life.

"If he ever sees either one of you again, he’ll kill you," the bookie told Jack after he was brutally attacked. The line could have been a throwaway, but in the world of This Is Us, everything has meaning.

In the second part of the finale's story, Jack and Rebecca had a major fight that led to the seemingly perfect couple deciding to spend some time apart. The scene felt like the beginning of the end for the Pearsons. And it strongly hinted there are dark days ahead for Jack.

As amazing as he is as a father and husband, Jack has his demons. He struggles with drinking issues and jealousy, and no matter how hard he tries, he never completely escapes the money troubles that have plagued him all his life. With three kids about to head off to college and a marriage he's helplessly trying to hold together, Jack could easily fall back into gambling.

Fans were quick to pick up on the hint dropped in the finale, and honestly, it makes a horrible kind of sense. When is Jack not worried about money? If he enters a self-destructive period in his life again, he might find himself at another poker table, this time in hopes of scoring enough money to follow his dreams of starting his own business and keep his family stable and happy.

Remember, Rebecca isn't the only one who put her dreams on hold for the sake of the children. Jack wanted to be a small business owner, but it wasn't possible when he had three children to support. There is nothing he wouldn't sacrifice for his kids, but in the process, Jack has created a life where he is overworked, insecure, and frustrated by all the dreams he gave up on.

Now that he's not living at the house, there's no one to keep Jack from indulging in his worst instincts. Whether or not he encounters the attacker from his youth again or not, if Jack starts gambling again, fans should be worried. Remember, everything is connected, and the warning Jack received all those years ago is one he should heed — but likely won't.

Season 2 is still months away, but you might want to start preparing yourself for the inevitable heartbreak now, guys.