The Most Romantic State In The U.S. Is...

If you're looking for a romantic Valentine's Day, it might be a little easier depending on what state you're in. Why? Well, the Whisper— the app where people share secrets and thoughts anonymously— decided to look at the types of secrets and posts being shared in each state to find which are the most romantic and which are the most lonely. How did they do it? It all came down to the language used. They analyzed posts for words like "soulmates", "loving V-Day", "being in love", and "chivalry". Now, I'm really not wild about the word "chivalry" being used to indicate romance, though clearly for a lot of people it does. But it's good to remember that everyone is going to have a different association for the words used in the posts.

A lot of people can feel really romantic without ever mentioning soulmates, red roses, or any of the songs from the Titanic soundtrack. But it's still interesting to see what people are posting and where folks are getting carried away with the Valentine's Day romance. So where won out as the most romantic? Well, here's a look at the top ten. And I have to say, it really seems like New England is for lovers.


It's the home of Ben and Jerry's, so I don't know why I'm even surprised it's number one for romance.

New Hampshire

As a native— I've said it before and I'll say it again— there's a lot of heat between the sheets in NH. It's the only damn way to stay warm.


Moving away from New England, Alabama came in to round out the top three.

West Virginia

Virginia may be for lovers, but apparently West Virginia is for romance.


I was going to say Iowa must have made number five because they're the home of potatoes and god, do I love potatoes. But then I remember that's Idaho. I have no idea why Iowa made number five.


Back to New England, which made the list a lot for such a tiny group of states, Maine came in at number six.


Bluegrass and romance for Kentucky, apparently.


We're getting a lot of southern love on this list as well, with Tennessee coming in as the eight most romantic state.


The home of freedom, the Liberty bell, and romance — I give you Pennsylvania.


And finally, Kansas— the Sunflower State— rounded out the top ten.

Here's a look at the whole map here, so you can see where your state fell:

There are some pretty interesting clusters here. But no matter where you are, you can have as romantic (or not romantic) Valentine's Day than you want. The choice is yours.