The Top 5 Fashion Brands Millennials Love To Shop At

Millennial trends are ever-changing, but there are a few brands we seem to keep coming back to. From chokers to crop tops to athleisure to...more athleisure, we've all got our personal favorite retailers to go to for the latest and greatest, but a few of 'em are crowd-pleasers across the board. Curious? Resale marketplace Poshmark just released the top five most popular fashion brands for millennials, and you might be surprised.

A couple of the brands aren't too surprising: Madewell and its relaxed aesthetic definitely have a cult following. And personally, I've had to create a rule of thumb to keep my Adidas Originals addiction at bay (no more than two pieces from the brand at a time, because a shirt, shoes, and pants can be a bit much).

The others are bigger curveballs, IMO. Granted, Lululemon and Free People are still everywhere, but the staying power they've had is pretty impressive considering how long they've been fan favorites. Gucci seems the most out of left field, considering all of the other luxury brands millennials want to get their hands on. Don't get me wrong, though — I will never give up my love for Lulu, and there's no doubt that Free People and Gucci are crushing the game too.

Of course, this survey data is based on Poshmark shoppers and sellers, so it might not be reflective of your shopping habits. So you do you, because not all millennials are the same, and that includes our fashion choices. In case you are looking for some styling inspo from these brands, though, here's a quick recap.

1. Lululemon

Lululemon has officially nailed the studio-to-street look. They've got pieces that perform well in the yoga studio or at the gym, and pieces that'll elevate your athleisure game once you've showered off, too.

2. Gucci

OK, so Gucci's a little tougher to get our hands on thanks to the luxury brand's much, much higher price point. But hey, that's what resale is for. (Also, they have Gucci memes on their Instagram account, and I can dig it.)

3. Adidas

Their Originals line blends comfort and classic cool for everyday wear, while their athletic offerings can help power you to your personal best when you're getting active. So basically, you could wear the brand all day, every day. Come to mama.

4. Free People

Free People is still the master of the boho-cool aesthetic, and in every new collection, there's always something swoon-worthy to lust after. The brand has stood the test of time, and it's better than ever.

5. Madewell

Madewell's simple and high-quality pieces are almost all instant closet staples, from denim to tees to your favorite summer dress.