Read This Transcript Of JAY-Z's "Family Feud" Video, So You Can Analyze Every Minute

Game of Thrones, eat your heart out. JAY-Z's "Family Feud" video has arrived, and it's a mix of family betrayal and futuristic politics that might just make you want to see the video's opening moments turned into a movie. In the meantime, below you'll find the full transcript of JAY-Z's "Family Feud," so you can dissect the mini-movie in all of its glory.

The eight-minute short film was directed by Ava DuVernay, and she gives the proceedings a truly epic feel as JAY-Z's video skips through time. Along the way, some seriously major stars show up including Thandie Newton, Michael B. Jordan as her character's brother, Trevante Rhodes, Jessica Chastain, and Omari Hardwick as the future president of the United States. Even better? The video offers up a round table of the country's foremothers debating the 2nd Amendment, and the lineup is so amazing, you might just have to scrape your jaw off the floor. Mindy Kaling, Rosario Dawson, and Constance Wu are just a few of the women debating the country's future in what can only be described as the best possible world scenario.

If that's not reason enough to love this intricate political-sci-fi masterpiece, then just wait until you realize that This Is Us' Susan Kelechi Watson is playing a grown-up Blue Ivy as president. There's simply no part of this short film that's not a masterpiece.

The video begins with a quote from James Baldwin that delves deep into the underlying message of unity and the importance of finding a new way forward for the country as a whole:

"The wretched of the earth do not decide to become extinct, they resolve, on the contrary, to multiply: life is their weapon against, life, life is all that they have."

From there, it's time to jump straight into the action. The opening scene looks and feels like Game of Thrones in the best way possible. Jordan plays a brother gunning for his sister's throne, and his monologue as he heads upstairs will give you major Lannister feels. Of course, Newton, who plays his sister, is having none of his guilt trip, and her character quickly has her lover dispose of her brother before she murders her lover for good measure.

It's a reminder that while this new world looks cool, it's built on blood too.

Joan's Brother: You know it's the constant lack of respect you show me and this family that pisses me off. Do you have any idea how important today is? Lack of judgment, respect, you have no f*ckin' honor. Joan? Of course, why would I be expecting anything different? Do you think father would be in bed at this hour? Who's going to take this family seriously when you're the first face that they see? Huh? Tell me that? Look at you. You don't deserve to be the head of this family, you're a disgrace. It should be me. It should be me...
*Joan and her brother struggle*
Joan: Get your hands off of me!
Joan's Brother: It should have been me, it should have been me! Who's this? Another one. Wait a minute... what's wrong with you?
Joan: Baby...
*Joan's lover and brother fight to the death*
Joan's Lover: Is that good enough for you?
*Joan stabs her lover*
Joan: It's not his, it's not yours. It's my throne.

After the Westeros-style portion of the video ends, it's time to flashforward to a future where Hardwick is president. It's OK if you need a moment to absorb the awesome.

Reporter: Madam President, Mr. President. Thank you for sitting with me today. Jacob and Bird, two children from two mighty families.
Bird: Thank you.
Reporter: New information has come to light regarding your family history, Mr. President. The details of which have the citizenry quite concerned. They reveal violations to both the confessional papers and the constitution. The murder that took place within your family, Mr. President. A murder that laid the foundation for your ascent betrays the legacy of peace on which you ran and were voted into office. The people deserve to know.
Jacob: I will not speak on the unfortunate loss within my family without speaking about the courage, the community, the faith, the fortitude, the warmth, the wisdom...
Bird: We have worked and fought side by side for generations. Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related.
Jacob: You want to talk about the law? How quickly you forget my family's legacy. My family has protected the law, striving for justice and dignity for all.

Jacob's discussion of his family history is full of flashbacks to his relatives in the past. Their history of fighting for and founding the country's new direction is established through stunning visuals that deserve all of the awards.

Jacob's Relative: There's a disturbance in the peace.
Officer: There hasn't been a disturbance in that region for centuries.
Jacob: My family has fought for the law.
Old warrior: Carry your family's flag, OK?
Little girl: OK.
Jacob: The worst of us doesn't define us. Our commitment to these ideals run deep in my blood, and nothing can change that. My beloved ancestor was one of the chief architects of the confessional papers and one of America's founding mothers. She and a group of women from all walks of life revised the constitution over 444 years ago. At a time, mind you, when some thought that making America great, meant making us afraid of each other.

The camera then jumps back again to a round table of the founding mothers.

Mindy Kaling: Now ladies, it's time to discuss the second amendment.
Rashida Jones: If you make it illegal you'll drive it underground—
Janet Mock: People that want to protect themselves, people that want to protect their families—
Rosario Dawson: If you have to understand the hurt you've afflicted, already you're winning something.
Niecy Nash: Some people should have the right to bear arms.
Constance Wu: You have distance from the person you're killing.
Brie Larson: I understand your point. In a perfect world it would be lovely if we could all just put down our weapons and get along, but that's not the world that we live in.
Susan Kelechi Watson: Ladies, this is just like the 13th amendment. Some people have their liberties, and some people don't. America is a family and the whole family should be free. It's like I remember my father saying when I was a little girl, nobody wins when the family feuds.

The moment you realize that Watson is playing Blue Ivy as an adult will give you actual chills. There's so much hope contained withing the video's short film that it might just make you believe there's better future out there.

Jacob's final words before the actual song starts are a perfect reminder that "Family Feud" isn't just about JAY-Z and Beyoncé's family, it's about America as a whole, and the importance of the bond people share, even when things get messy and hard. Family should always come first.

Jacob: Because we failed to live up to the foremothers promise doesn't mean that she failed. I have hope that we can shine again. We just have to remember from whence we came. Family first and always.

You can check out the full "Family Feud" video for yourself on TIDAL.