This Hat Was Designed For Curly Locks & It Won't Ever Give You Hat Hair

As nice as it is to let a curly mane flow wild and free, sometimes a naturalista just wants to throw on a hat and call it a day. But there's nothing quite like the struggle of shoving voluminous curls underneath a standard hat. So when the brand Tress created a baseball cap designed for curly hair, it was the miracle product that manes full of kinks, coils, and spirals always needed.

Maintaining and styling curly hair is no easy feat. Wash days are draining, figuring out what's best for your texture can feel like rocket science, and let's not even get started on the never-ending detangling process. So, it only makes sense that a curly Q would want to have a hat day every now and then. That shouldn't mean you have to fight your mane in order to secure it underneath a hat. After all, naturalistas deserve a stress-free styling day just as much as anyone.

Whether you can't be bothered with doing your hair or you're an athleisure fanatic, the Tress cap is here to make life easier for anyone rocking coils. A definite must-have for curly hair, its chic design actually shows off your texture rather than smash and conceal it.

Featuring a cut out in the back large enough to accommodate big hair, the Tress cap, which costs $45, is a dream come true for those no good, lazy, ponytail days. Its design includes three built-in elastic bands, so there's no need to break out the scrunchies to secure your hair into a high ponytail beforehand. With a high crown, this sleek, vegan leather hat is guaranteed to fit any hair texture, no matter what. And just in case you think it won't fit your mane, it's available in two different sizes to include curls of every texture and volume.

The cap's innovative design was birth from Tress' founder Laticia Rolle's personal battle with do doing a last minute hat 'do. The blogger was all too familiar with the struggle of attempting (key word: attempting) to wear a hat with curly hair.

“Three years ago, I was getting ready for a date, and my boyfriend was rushing me, so I didn’t have time to wash and diffuse my hair,” she told Allure. “I thought I would just throw on a hat, but I tried on what felt like a hundred, and none of them would fit over my curls, so I said, ‘I’m going to invent a hat for us. I’m not the only one who can’t do this.’”

It's certainly not the first piece of headwear to accommodate curly hair. Beyonce's Ivy Park launched a dad style hat with an open back last year and fans nearly lost their minds.

But Tress' version has a few perks that Queen Bey's constantly sold out cap doesn't include.

For starters, the satin lining within the Tress cap adds a protective layer that ensures your curls won't be a frizzy mess once you remove the hat. Plus, the high crown of its design means your 'do won't get flat. In other words, hat hair is a thing of the past when it comes to this trendy accessory.

Aside from it's structural genius, Tress' sleek design is what really makes it a winner. It's guaranteed to compliment any ensemble, whether you dress it up or down, making it a wardrobe staple. Quite the universal design, it doesn't discriminate against any hair type, either.

Feel free to rock it sans puff or with straightened strands, too.

It's really a gender inclusive design, so a look featuring the cap will always be trendsetting no matter who wears it.

It goes without saying that the Tress cap is the stylish accessory every curly Q needs ASAP.

Be on the lookout for more color options to drop this summer. According to Allure, Rolle plans to work on expanding her collection with more colors and texture designs in March.

Everyone down for rocking curly hair hats in every color, say I!