The Trailer For Brie Larson's New Netflix Movie Is A Must-See For 'Captain Marvel' Fans

Fans who couldn't get enough of Carol Danvers and Nick Fury's Captain Marvel scenes together will love Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson's new Netflix movie. Unicorn Store hits the streaming service on April 5, and Captain Marvel fans will love the Larson and Jackson-starring film.

Unicorn Store is Larson's directorial debut, and the movie first hit the festival circuit in 2017. Netflix's release of the movie will be the first time most fans see it, though. And the Captain Marvel connection will surely be on people's minds, even if this movie was actually made first.

Netflix released the full Unicorn Store trailer on Friday, and it looks just as odd as the title suggests. Larson's character, Kit, is unhappy at her job as a temp, and she thinks her parents consider her a failure. Things change, though, when Kit receives a private invitation to the Unicorn Store, where Jackson's character, The Salesman, seems to be the only employee.

The Salesman promises Kit that she can have her very own unicorn — her childhood dream — if she can prove to him that she's "for real." Aside from the logistics of where she'll keep said unicorn (and the fact that unicorns don't actually exist), Kit looks thrilled to have a newfound purpose in life.

Back in 2017, Larson talked to Variety about the movie, and what she considers her real-life unicorn, so to speak. She explained to the outlet,

"For me, the idea of going after this unicorn was dreaming the impossible dream. The fact that I wanted to be an actor for so long and was told no so many times kind of made me feel a little crazy and look like a person going after a unicorn."

Larson has won an Academy Award for Room, she's directed a movie, and she's starred in a blockbuster superhero movie. So it's safe to say she's captured her unicorn, in terms of her Hollywood dreams. But it's also a nice way to take the movie's abstract premise and apply its broader messages to real life.

"There were all these people scratching their heads and going, 'Why are you doing this? This is obviously never going to work out,'" Larson said to Variety in 2017. "So this is in some ways an homage to my life and my journey and hopefully a way to inspire others to keep going on their path, whatever their unicorn is."

Aside from the philosophical way of thinking about the movie, fans will also be excited to see some familiar faces in the trailer. There's Karan Soni from Deadpool and Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars. And Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford are playing Kit's parents, which should be plenty of fun.

Unicorn Store sounds a little out there. But it also looks like a pretty fun and uplifting movie. And the fact that it's the first film Larson directed just goes to show how far she's come in reaching her own "unicorn" moment in Hollywood, too.