This Is The Unique Vacation You Should Take In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If the travel bug has been nipping at you, now is the time to book a trip. Just in time for New Year's resolutions, vow to see the world and actually see it. But if you are so overwhelmed by how many places you want to visit, that it's hard for you to even pick one, put your faith in the stars. Let the universe decide where you should go next — because who knows you better? Here I've put together a list of unique destinations you need to see in 2019, based on your zodiac sign because we all know indecision is paralyzing.

When there's so much that you want to do, it's impossible to focus on one thing. Beaches vs. mountains? Tropics vs. country? It all sounds so good, especially when you're sitting at home under a blanket, freezing and stuck in a mid-winter funk. When literally everywhere sounds better than here, it's easier to be directionless. That's why you should trade your ambivalence in for some clarity.

Using general personality traits for each sign as guidance, I've picked a destination that you're destined to enjoy. So book your ticket, pack your bags, and get out there and start crossing trips off your bucket list. It's time spread your wings and make your travel dreams a reality.



You're a lady of the land, and you won't find wider stretches of open land than in Big Sky, Montana. They call it "big sky" because it's all you can see. Whether you're into horseback riding, hiking, skiing, fishing, or just marveling at mother nature, you're have a meaningful trip here and feel very connected to the earth.



Washington state is stunning, but it sees many more rainy days that sunny days so it's not for everyone. Taurus, you're strong, poetic, and competitive, so you can handle Washington's grey skies and craggy mountains. Enjoy at trip to a national park, or head to Seattle and eat your heart out — or do both, if you have time.



You're indecisive when it comes to vacations because you're dynamic, so you want it all. You want mountains and snow and beaches and dolphins — but it's not impossible, it's called California. Spend a few days by the beach and then head to the mountains in Big Bear or Mammoth and get literally everything you want out of one vacation.



You like to be close to water, but you need more than beaches. Head to Nantucket off-season and enjoy having the island to yourself. Without the crowds you can really take it all in, appreciate the romantic chilly beaches, the restaurants that feed the locals and the hiking trails that stay green year-round.


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You crave warmth and excitement, but you've already been to Vegas and you want to go farther and seek something more natural. So head to Ibiza, Spain, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, the picturesque beaches, and so many other like-minded people looking for a big adventure.


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You like a trip that's easy to plan, so a city with a reliable transportation system is ideal. Head to London, England the epicenter of art, culture, fashion, and of course, royalty. You'll be able to plan ahead easily and enjoy being able to check off a long list of attractions and sights.



Your favorite trips are the ones that are more balanced than they appear at first glance. A trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico might sound like a luxe beach trip, but with the jungle nearby, you'll be able to go cenote-hopping and exploring through the Mayan ruins, making your trip perfectly versatile.


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When you take a trip, you need to feed your soul, not just your passport, so head to Paris, France, the city of love. If you can, take a trip alone. This will force you to get out and talk to people, make new friends and experience things for yourself. Though you might more inclined to book a ski trip, adrenaline fades, but intimate experiences like traveling alone in a foreign, romantic city do not.



You live for new experiences and opportunities to put yourself out there. So instead of going somewhere you've heard of, go somewhere a little bit more remote, like Tenerife Island, part of the Canary Islands, in Spain. This stunning island is volcanic, so you have black sand beaches and mountain tops that look like Mars. There's really no place quite like it and it's just a quick flight from Madrid. Nothing will be familiar to you, so everything will be exciting.


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You like to be efficient when you travel, so it's important to go to complex places and experience them fully. This kind of travel makes you feel good, even though it might make other people feel overwhelmed. So travel alone, or with a Capricorn or Virgo, someone who has the same kind of ambition when it comes to travel and book a long trip to Japan. Make your way through the country, stopping in cities, countrysides and every attraction in between and feel really proud of yourself when you head home with a hundreds of pictures and memories from the experience.


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BANFF National Park in Alberta, Canada is easily one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on the planet. The turquoise glacial waters against the white-top mountains will feed your creative soul, and you'll love being active in such a visually stimulating place. The extreme nature of this setting will humble you in a helpful way.


Head to Nicaragua to have the most relaxing, chilled-out vacation of your life. You can be emotionally intense and carry a lot mental weight for the people around you, so treat yourself to a trip where you don't have to think. Literally, the only thought that will be going through your mind in this haven is "wow, this is beautiful," and that's just what you need and deserve.