The ‘Pump Rules’ Cast Really Loves The Bubbas

Brian Baer/Bravo

Once upon a time, a Bubba presented another Bubba with a ring on a string. Some years (and an ultimatum, a proposal, a box of tea towel save the dates, an iconic bachelor/bachelorette party, and several dozen cases of Coors Light) later, the Bubbas’ nuptials took place. And on Monday evening’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, viewers will get to see this important Pump moment. On the season finale of Pump Rules (don’t mind me as I cry into a tea towel), Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will recite their vows, stand before Lisa Vanderpump, and become Mr. and Mrs. Bubba.

If you follow the cast’s social media accounts, you’ve surely seen pictures of Schwartz and Maloney’s big day; the Pumpers documented the wedding as much as they could, while careful not to spoil the show months before the episodes aired. And in the hours leading up to the wedding episode, the members of the Pump Rules cast shared a few more pics, vids, and messages on social media. The posts prove what I already knew to be true: The Pump stars’ friendships run deep, the Pump stars can’t wait to watch the wedding with the show’s fans, and this Pump wedding was a momentous occasion.

Crack open a can of Coors, hop on an inflatable swan, and get ready to float down a river of heartwarming social media content.

Stassi Schroeder Begs The Bubbas To Never Leave Her

Gosh, Schroeds. If you love them so much, why don’t you crash their honeymoon or something?

Tom Sandoval Says His Trumpet Work Wasn’t As Magical As The Actual Wedding

A humble man, that Sandoval.

Kristen Doute Sings The Beauty & The Beast Theme To Schroeder & Maloney

And she didn’t have to change a single lyric.

And She Calls The Bubbas’ Vows “Epic”

Can’t wait.

And She References A Possible Costume Change

O rly?

Jax Taylor Throws It Back To The Swamp Tour Adventure

It was a bachelor party for the boats, er, books.

Brittany Cartwright Hints At Some “Shocking Twists”

Once again: O rly?

Maloney Offers Up Two Terrific Pieces Of Advice

And a terrific photo of her husband.

And Schwartz Shares A Mesmerizing Video

Looks like I've found my new screensaver.

I miss the Bubbas' wedding episodes already, I miss the Bubbas' bachelor/bachelorette party already, and I miss Season 5 already. What can I say, this show is what I like.