The 'Veep' Season 6 Trailer Shows What Selena Is Up To After Losing The Presidency & It's Too Real

Lacey Terrell/HBO

What do you after you run for President… and lose? That's the painfully relevant question that the new season of HBO's acclaimed political comedy seeks to answer, as evidenced by the Veep Season 6 trailer, which debuted on Monday in advance of the premiere on April 16. When the Emmy-winning fifth season ended its run in June of last year with Selina Meyer officially losing the hotly-contested race for POTUS, we were still over four months away from the real-life 2016 presidential election… and blissfully unaware what would happen in our nation.

Back then, the story of a female candidate — and the big "What's next?" that followed her crushing defeat — seemed like a bizarre look into a parallel universe that could never possibly mirror our own. Now Veep Season 6 feels like the most unexpectedly topical show on television that isn't called The Americans.

The frequent reports on Hillary Clinton's activities post-election (from walking her dogs to browsing in bookstores) and Saturday Night Live's "The Hunt For Hil" sketch proved that our society has a morbid fascination with what life looks like for a defeated presidential candidate. How does one even begin to move on from such an emotionally devastating loss? Well, in the fictional world of Veep, it involves a lot of globe-trotting, volunteering, and (of course) swearing.

As shown in the Veep Season 6 trailer, here are seven things that Selina Meyer is spending her time doing these days.

1. Daytime Television


"This last year has been fun," the former POTUS tells CBS This Morning at the beginning of the trailer with an atypically cheery attitude. "The loss hurt, but I did take this opportunity to reacquaint myself with an old friend of mine by the name of Selina Meyer."

2. Destroy Old Enemies


Selina's life may be dramatically different in Season 6, but it's clear that at least one thing about Veep hasn't changed: the acid-tongued zingers. "I want to let you know that I will destroy you in ways that are so creative they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center," she threatens Jonah Ryan — who's now a Congressman, by the way.

3. Take A Vacation


With the weight of the country off her shoulders, Selina is finally able to enjoy the sunshine and relax. Well OK, maybe she's not going to relax anytime soon, but there does appear to be plenty of sunshine wherever she's headed in Season 6, judging by the copious amounts of sunscreen slathered on Mike's face.

4. Reminisce With Old Friends


"Look at us!" Ben says when Selina runs into her former Chief of Staff. "Just like the good old days… except sh*ttier in every conceivable way." And I'm here for every minute of it.

5. Volunteer Work

Selina doesn't just have to pretend to smile her way through morning talk shows — she has to pretend to smile her way through manual labor while putting in an appearance for National Volunteer Week. She's so brave.

6. Visit Refugee Camps


Selina does her best Princess Di by visiting a refugee camp — but her similarities to the beloved British celebrity unfortunately extend to being surrounded by landmines, according to Gary. Upon being informed of this, an ever-chivalrous Selina asks her hapless bag man to lead the way. Smart thinking.

7. Get A Portrait Painted


Hey, if you were getting your official portrait painted, you'd probably want the artist to highlight your best assets, right? So who can blame Selina for getting a little overzealous while posing for her paint-and-canvas likeness? Not me.

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Find out what else Selina has been up to since losing the election when Veep Season 6 premieres on Sunday, Apr. 16.