This Movie Based On A Shirley Jackson Novel Has A Spooky Trailer 'Hill House' Fans Will Love

For those who couldn't get enough of Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House, there's a new scary movie based on a different Shirley Jackson novel about another spooky house that might make you think twice about booking that Airbnb.We Have Always Lived In The Castle is a new horror movie perfect for The Haunting Of Hill House fans looking for a good scare. Don't believe us, just check out the We Have Always Lived In The Castle trailer.

The clip begins with Taissa Farmiga's Mary Katherine Blackwood not mincing words. "The Blackwoods have always lived in this house," she says as she dead bolts the doors. "And we will never leave here. No matter what they say or what they do to us. Never."

Unfortunately, despite the metal gate her dad put up, she's still having trouble keeping people out of her house. This includes a suspicious-looking cousin, Charles Blackwood, played by Sebastian Stan, who happens to look a whole lot like their dead father. Turns out the town thinks Mary's sister, Constance (Alexandra Daddario) killed him with some kind of witchcraft. Now, Mary thinks he might be back.

Oh yes, this is a ghost story from the queen of gothic horror Shirley Jackson. And no surprise it's filled with creepy twists and turns. But, it's also a mystery that will have you guessing who killed the Blackwood patriarch.

Jackson's 1962 mystery, which also happened to be her final work, is from the point of view of 18-year-old Mary Katherine, who lives with her sister and uncle in Vermont. Like The Haunting of Hill House, which Jackson wrote three years earlier, it includes a creepy house, but it's those inside that fans should be concerned about.

Six years ago, Mary Katherine's father and mother died of arsenic poisoning ever since the remaining Blackwoods have lived like recluses, isolating themselves from their small town. Mary Katherine is the only one who's left the house in that time and only to get groceries and rush back home.

As for who poisoned the Blackwoods, it's still a mystery. Constance was blamed because she didn't take sugar, which ended up being poisoned, on her berries that day. Mary Katherine had been sent to her room without eating, which left her in the clear. But, is it possible, out of spite she found a way to poison the sugar? Honestly, after watching Mary Katherine announce she's "going to put death in all their good and watch them die," it's a reasonable question. Not to mention, Farmiga's American Horror Story past shows she's very good at being scary.

I wouldn't count out Stan, the once estranged cousin, who is sitting in their father's chair and looking a little too longingly at his straight razor, either. Especially since there's already signs of some black magic in the Blackwood mansion.

"The world is full of terrible people," Mary tells her sister and after watching this trailer, it's possible she is one, too. Blackwood Manor might give Hill House a run for its money and perhaps, have you running for the door hoping to get away from this particular castle as fast as you can.