This New Male Sex Toy May Be A Gamechanger

by Laken Howard
BDG Media, Inc.

When you think about male masturbation, you probably picture a guy watching porn, using his hand (and maybe a little lube) to quickly get the job done. While there's nothing wrong with that method, there are plenty more creative ways to masturbate, for both men and women. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but sex toys can definitely help enhance both partnered and solo sex. Female toys come in all shapes and sizes — clitoral vibrators, G-spot stimulators, and even toys that simulate oral sex. But there's a lot left to be desired when it comes to male sex toys.

Personally, when I imagine a male toy, my mind immediately jumps to something like the Fleshlight or a blow-up doll — aka something that attempts to be a stand-in for a partner. While there's no shame in using whatever product you like most to get yourself off, it still seems like a shame that there are so few options for men who want a no-frills, effective masturbation aid that doesn't look like another person's privates. Fortunately, the sex toy industry is evolving, becoming more inclusive, and hopefully, normalizing masturbation — because hey, (almost) all of us do it, so why not talk openly about it?

"Until recently [male toys] have all looked to replicate reality, they’ve looked to replicate human interaction," Adam Lewis, founder and CEO of Hot Octopuss, the company behind the world's first Guybrator, tells Bustle. "Women’s toys have never been that way. They’ve never looked to replicate or replace human interaction. Male toys have... looked like vaginas, so they’ve had that stigma [of being a replacement for a 'real' partner]. As a brand, we want to change that stigma."

Courtesy of Hot Octopuss

Obviously, masturbation isn't something that people only do when they can't have sex with a partner. Masturbation is a healthy, normal activity that helps you get in touch with your sexuality — whether you're single or in a relationship. So instead of giving men yet another vagina-like toy (which is pretty exclusionary for guys who aren't into women), Lewis created the 'Guybrator' — formally called the Pulse III.

Pulse III Solo, $120, Amazon; Pulse III Duo $160, Amazon

It's the perfect sex toy for the lazy man: all you have to do is insert yourself (while totally flaccid), turn on the toy, and watch as it gets you aroused, then finishes the job for you, all with basically no effort on your part. Though it can be used in the traditional way (up-and-down motions + lube = orgasm), the Pulse's ability to get you off in a completely static way makes it stand out from the crowd.

Courtesy of Hot Octopuss

Pulse III Solo, $120, Amazon

It also uses "Pulse Plate" technology (which has been used in the medical field for years) to create powerful, high amplitude vibrations. Originally used to help people with spinal cord injuries have children, Lewis discovered that the Pulse Plate tech could be adapted to work inside a sex toy — once he found a way to make it both quiet and waterproof, that is.

"We’ve worked heavily to destigmatize male masturbation," Lewis says. "It takes a very liberal-thinking person to buy [their] boyfriend or husband a Fleshlight — but something like [the Pulse], it’s not such a big leap."

According to Lewis, the days of 'cheap and titillating' sex toys are over: now, it's all about creating toys that fit people's lifestyles. Rather than technicolor, $10 toys that practically devour triple AAA batteries, products that are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and get the job done are taking over the market.

It seems like the Pulse III could be a gamechanger for male sex toys, but like removing the stigma for pretty much anything involving sex, it all starts with being more open.