The Zoella Beauty Classics Collection Just Got Bigger

by Kali Borovic

Forget everything you knew about Zoella Beauty Classics Collection, because it just got a major update. The brand is still keeping the products that fans know and love, but are now adding some exciting items to the mix. What's in Zoella Beauty's Classic Collection extension, you ask? This line of newbie items might be small, but it is mighty.

When the Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations line came out, fans were completely excited. Prepare to freak out again, because new products are on the rise. The bundle of classics is getting a redo, with five new goodies that you're guaranteed to love. There's three makeup bags, a shower cream, and a bundle of three mini fragrances. You might be familiar with some of the scents, but there's a lot of newness too.

The most exciting launch, IMO, is the three polka dotted makeup bags. The smallest is a beauty purse that says "no filter needed." Next comes the mid-sized makeup bag that says "fairest of them all." The biggest bag in the line is the vanity case that is covered in rose-gold dots and is big enough to take on a weekend getaway. Of course, the Soak Opera Shower Creme and the mini-fragrance trio is fabulous as well.

Ready for the best part? You can shop the entire collection online right now. The line is currently sold at Super Drug and Feel Unique, the latter of which has a US site. As of Mar. 30, every item is in stock on the US Feel Unique site. These seem to be sticking around for a while, but, to be safe, I'd head over there soon.

The items are super affordable too, just like the rest of the Zoella Beauty collections. The items range from $4.48 for the Shower Creme to $23.04 for the largest makeup bag. That makes it easy to stock up on all of your favorites without breaking the bank.

Fingers crossed that these items end up on the shelves in Target stores. A few other items are available in US stores, so it would be awesome if these were too. So what are you waiting for? Get over to the site and start shopping!