OMG, A Zoo Named A Monkey After 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Jax Taylor & The Photos Are SO Precious

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Someone from the award-nominated series Vanderpump Rules (it should be "award-winning series," but alas, it did not take home the golden popcorn this year) shares a name with a tiny baby monkey. On Tuesday, June 19, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium introduced a monkey named Jax Taylor. Yes, a very real zoo in Powell, Ohio named a very real vervet monkey after Jason "Jax Taylor" Cauchi. What an honor.

The Columbus Zoo shared this exhilarating news on social media on Tuesday, June 19. The zoo gifted us with some pictures, one video, and and a very thorough bio about Jax Taylor. A Columbus Zoo animal care specialist wrote on the zoo's Facebook page,

“Meet Jax Taylor, the newest edition to the vervet troop! He got his name from Vanderpump Rules! At the Columbus Zoo, there are a total of eight vervet monkeys. This little guy was born on April 12, 2018. In the top picture, you can see Jax Taylor’s ultrasound when he was 123 days old in Sassie’s womb. Can you spot his big head?”

In addition to the photo of the ultrasound, the post includes a snapshot of Jax the monkey smiling and a pic of him exploring his habitat. It is fantastic content.

And yes, Jax Taylor the vervet monkey’s mother's name is Sassie, which sounds a lot like the name Stassi. As in, Stassi Schroeder, Jax’s Pump Rules co-star and ex-girlfriend. But as the Columbus Zoo told Bustle, Jax the monkey’s mom is not named after Stassi. It is just a funny, quasi-coincidence.

Below you will find an adorable video of Jax Taylor the baby vervet monkey hanging out with the other vervet monkeys. At no point in this video does Jax Taylor the baby vervet monkey rip off a shawl collar chunky knit sweater and sprint after another vervet in a strip mall parking lot.

Oh, I probably should've warned you: This video of 10-week-old Jax Taylor climbing on a tree and on another vervet monkey is devastatingly cute. I never thought I'd type the words "Jax Taylor is too precious and too sweet and too innocent for this world," but here I am.

Naturally, Jax had some feelings about this monkey business.

Naturally, the Columbus Zoo's Twitter account invited Jax to swing by.

OK, if Jax the human decides to go meet Jax the monkey, it would be awesome if said meeting happened soon. As in, at some point this summer. As in, while Pump Rules Season 7 is in the middle of filming. Uh, not to make too many demands, but it would be terrific if the Pump Rules camera crew went with Jax and documented the whole adventure. And hey, while we're here making requests, why not bring Lisa Vanderpump along, too? Come on, if there is one person on this planet who would appreciate meeting a tiny baby animal who is named after one of her beloved employees, it's LVP.

And if you, dear reader, decide to go pay Jax Taylor the vervet monkey a visit at the Columbus Zoo, remember to hold on to your sunglasses when you are close to his habitat. If Jax Taylor the vervet monkey demands you give him the turkey sandwich you just bought at a zoo concession stand, do not feel like you have to hand over your lunch. If Jax Taylor the vervet monkey starts flipping you the bird, go ahead and assume his next move will involve balling up his tiny vervet monkey fist and punching a phone booth. And most importantly, never let Jax Taylor the vervet monkey tell you you've lost your spark.

Photos and video courtesy the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium