These Are Hands Down Jax & Brittany’s Worst Moments From ‘Vanderpump Rules'

Let's face it, Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright haven't had the best relationship. Yes, they've had a few good times, but there have been a lot more bad ones showcased on the reality series. So much so that there is quite a list of the worst Jax and Brittany moments from Vanderpump Rules and their Pump Rules spinoff.

If Season 6 of the Bravo reality series has proven anything, it's that Jax and Brittany have a lot to work on when it comes to being a couple. Over the years, their relationship has slowly began to crumble proving how much mending needs to be done. It seems like now they're attempting to improve upon what they have together.

As Brittany told Bustle in January, "Right now, you know… we've been going through a lot with [Jax's dad's recent passing]. I'm just trying to be beside him, and I think that all of this hard stuff we've had to go through has made us so much stronger. It's really changing him and he just wants to make his dad proud and his family proud. I really see a change in him. It's good." She also said, "You know, I'm the one who was going through it and I'm the one who was with him every day, I'm the one who knows him better than anyone else in the world, and you just have to think about what you want, yourself, and stick with your decisions."

In addition to what Brittany has said and based on what both Bravolebrities have been posting on social media, it seems like they're truly happy now and trying to moving forward after Jax's cheating. Here's hoping they continue down a positive path, but even though they seem to working through all of the hardships and heartache, it's hard to forget all of the horrible moments they've had as a couple — and there are a lot.

1. When Jax Cheated On Brittany

When it was revealed that Jax cheated on Brittany with former SUR server Faith Stowers, well, it understandably wrecked Brittany. This is probably the worst moment in their dating history.

2. When Jax Wanted A Turkey Sandwich

You could make a drinking game out of how many times Jax has complained about Brittany not making him a sandwich. As you can watch above, he seriously said to her in Season 5, "I feel like I'm not appreciated sometimes. Sometimes I ask for a turkey sandwich and I only get ham."

3. When Jax Spread That Rumor About Brittany

Remember in Season 5 when there was a rumor going around that Brittany and Kristen Doute hooked up. To make matters worse, Jax helped spread the rumor himself — and even told Lisa Vanderpump about it. Of course, Brittany was hurt and a major fight between herself and Jax ensued (above). Brittany denied anything happened, whereas Kristen said they've shared a few drunken kisses before.

4. When Jax "Flirted" With Lala

Throughout Season 4, there were multiple times Jax and Lala Kent flirted. It's something that came up during the group trip to Hawaii. Lala informed Brittany of this, and, of course, a fight happened. Jax denied any of it and made Lala seem like a liar. He even said during his private interview, "Did I say some things I probably shouldn't have? I maybe danced on that line a little bit, but Brittany doesn't need to know all the details."

5. When Brittany Heard The Recording

After Lala obtained the recording of Jax talking to Faith after they had sex, she, understandably, lost it. According to those who listened to it, Jax was heard saying he never wanted to get married, he didn't want kids, and he hadn't had sex with Brittany in months. In addition to Brittany learning of Jax's infidelity, this was another bottom of the barrel moment for them as a couple.

6. When Brittany's Mom Attended Jax's Roast

It was a really bad idea to have Brittany's mom attend Jax's birthday roast in Season 5. All kinds of things about Jax were revealed that she probably never wanted to hear, but the main problem she had was hearing the possibility of Jax once kissing another man. As you can watch above, it caused Brittany and Jax to have another heated argument, where he stormed out of their apartment.

7. When Brittany Stayed In Kentucky

During the last episode of their Vanderpump Rules spinoff, Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky, they had an explosive fight about Brittany's sister giving her opinion about their relationship and Jax not accepting Brittany's friends or family. It was so bad that Brittany ended up staying behind in Kentucky, while Jax flew back to Los Angeles.

8. When Jax Kept Saying Brittany "Lost Her Spark"

Throughout his stay in Kentucky with Brittany filmed for their spinoff, Jax kept telling every single one of her loved ones how she "lost her spark". He made Brittany sound like she was a totally different person and suffering from depression — and for awhile she didn't even know what Jax was saying.

9. When Jax Said Brittany Gained Weight

Oh, and Jax also told Brittany's grandma, aka "Mawmaw", the following: "She's kind of just a little, you know, down in L.A. You know, when you're depressed you eat. How do I say this politely? She's put on some weight." No worries, Mawmaw threw it back in Jax's face and said, "I believe you've gained a little bit since the last time I saw you."

10. When Jax Got Arrested In Hawaii

Poor, Brittany. Jax ruined their Hawaii trip when he got arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses. She never should've had to deal with his stupid actions, especially during a luxurious vacation.

11. When He Apologized To Stassi, But Not Brittany

This was an extremely awkward moment between Jax, Brittany, and Stassi Schroeder. When they went to New Orleans in Season 5, Jax apologized to Stassi for hurting her over the years. The issue Brittany found with his apology is that he never said sorry for hurting her feelings or embarrassing her. Of course, Jax didn't understand where Brittany was coming from and they ended up arguing — again.

Oof. They've certainly had their fair share of horrible moments, haven't they?