These 10 Shocking Things Can Predict If Your Relationship Is Likely To End, According To Research

Ashley Batz/Bustle

For the most part, many people go into relationships hoping it will last. But can you predict if it actually will or not? Researchers have been trying to answer that very question for years. Although some things like infidelity may not be a no surprise, studies have found some pretty shocking things that can predict whether or not your relationship is likely to last.

Relationships that tend to last are filled with love, respect, and above all, open communication. When you have honest communication in your relationship, there's little that the two of you can't handle together. For instance, hurt and disappointment will be kept at a minimum because you'll both know how each other feels and what your expectations are.

"It’s easy to blame relationship failures on money, sex, etc., but ultimately, it comes down to the fact that one person will have expectations for how they would do something, and fail to understand that their expectations are not those of the other person," divorce attorney Cydney Bulger, tells Bustle. "Your partner is not you." Communication can clear a lot of issues up.

Having good communication can be a positive sign that your relationship will last long-term. But what are some things that can predict if your relationship won't last? According to research, here are some unexpected things you should look out for.