This 'GoT' House Is An Unexpected Favorite

When it comes to the game of thrones, only one house can claim the Iron Throne of America's heart. According to Google data gathered by Declutter, the most popular Game of Thrones house in the United States is the one belonging to the long-suffering Starks. Arya, Sansa, Jon, and Bran's family is the most searched for in 24 states. But it's America's second favorite Game of Thrones house that might surprise you.

Everyone knows the Starks are beloved. They're the closest thing the HBO show gets to having straight-up heroes. But, in terms of popularity, the far more devious and twisted House Lannister is right behind them. A total of 10 states have firmly pledged themselves to the Lannisters, including Arizona and Florida, so if you're heading off to vacation in one of those sunny locales don't forget to pay all your debts.

It's shocking to see that so many states love the Lannister family, especially after the part they played in the Red Wedding, but maybe they just have a soft spot for Tyrion? In truth, all three of Tywin Lannister's children are fascinating people, whether you agree with their actions or not. Their motivations are never as clear as the more morally sound Starks, but seeing Cersei relish her role as an evil queen or watching Jaime's slow evolution into a decent person is undeniably entertaining. And hey, it could be worse — imagine how you would feel if you discovered 10 states had sworn fealty to House Bolton.

Just in case you're planning a move soon, and want to get closer to your fellow Tyrion fans (or farther away from anyone on Team Joffrey), here are the 10 states that can't get enough of the Lannisters:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Oregon

Try not to be too concerned about your Lannister-loving neighbors, though. Just because it's the house that produced Joffrey doesn't mean you have to worry about a Battle of Blackwater scenario playing out in your hometown. (Probably.) The good news is the next most popular family is House Targaryen, so you can always move to Texas, where the Mother of Dragons reigns supreme, if things get too weird.

If you're now concerned that you may need to pack up and move to a Stark state, check out the full map at Declutter.com. And if your state happens to be pledged to the Lannisters, just remember not to anger Queen Cersei and send her lots of wine.