These Memes About E!'s Oscars Red Carpet Will Make You Feel SO Awkward

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; JesseDavidFox/Twitter

Another year and another awards show season comes to pass. This one was filled with plenty of hilarious, viral moments, and it all culminated with the many memes and jokes from the 2018 Oscars that'll make you laugh. This awards season has been more serious than most, what with issues of diversity and sexism taking center stage and causing change. That being said, Twitter still went in with the jokes this year during the 2018 Academy Awards.

Viewers of this year's show were here for all the hilarious moments that occurred during the red carpet and awards ceremony. Even in a time like 2018, when so much about the state of Hollywood isn't exactly funny, there's still room for humor. And the Oscars seriously delivered, giving us plenty of fodder for memes and jokes that are already deservedly getting so much attention online. We're going to be talking about this show for a long time, if these tweets are to judge.

Whatever you think of the Oscars, you have to admit that the tweets below are some of the funniest takes on the night.

That DEAD E! Red Carpet

After the allegations against Ryan Seacrest came out earlier this week, there has been a lot of backlash about the commentators still being allowed to interview celebs on the Oscar's Red Carpet. And it's been noted how silent and awkward his interviews and carpet presence has been.

The Taraji P. Henson Sass That May Have Ended Ryan Seacrest

While a lot of people are getting angry at the celebrities that are speaking to Seacrest, Henson took matters into her own hands with her sass —and possible curse? — with Seacrest. Whatever she did, everyone will remember this moment as one that only further establishes her as a force to be reckoned with, although Henson later clarified the meaning of her comments.

That Big AF Font On The Envelopes

Maybe in a move to not get a mixup like everyone saw last year, the font on the winner envelopes are rather huge this year, and everyone's noticing it.

The Really Long Movie Montage That Lasted What Felt Like The Whole Show

Why did that montage feel like it literally lasted for years? It really did seem like everyone and their Hollywood mother was included in that thing, and what was the purpose? They already do longer videos for Best Actor and Actress, along with other awards not even including the In Memoriam.

That New Meryl Streep Meme Smell

Nothing says awards season quite like Meryl Streep literally doing anything. And what better way to end awards season with a classic meme, revamped by Streep herself? She is at it again, giving the people what they want and calling into the void again to produce an iconic reaction meme. Bless her.

The Inevitable Jokes About The Fish-Man Movie Winning Best Picture

Not all fish-people stories are the same and Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is learning that the hard way. When Shape of Water was making waves this year with its unusual storyline about a woman who falls in love with a sea creature, many couldn't believe that it would even be nominated for an Oscar, let alone go on to win Best Picture. And poking fun at a semi-similar (not really) storyline in a Gravity Falls episode where Mabel falls in love with a merman was just the icing on the fish-cake.

Tiffany Haddish Wore Her SNL Dress To The Oscars

While hosting SNL this year, Tiffany Haddish, who was a scene-stealer in Girls Trip, joked that one of her dresses (which cost more than her mortgage) was something she'd wear again and again because it was so expensive. Honestly, super relatable and she was true to her word. She showed up for her presenting gig with Maya Rudolph in that exact same dress and for that, she's the hero we all didn't know we needed in life.

This year's Academy Awards didn't see anything near some of the mishaps that happened in 2017, but it still managed to be super long. However, after one of the biggest nights of the year, it's not wonder that some quality memes did come out of the 90th Oscars.