These 41 Super Clever Products On Amazon All Have Thousands Of Reviews & Are Under $25

If you were tasked with the job of creating the most amazing product imaginable, there's a good chance it would be smart, affordable, and so useful it inspires people to leave rave reviews. These incredibly clever products on Amazon all have thousands of reviews and are under $25 — so, basically, they're as good as products can get (and they won't break the bank, which is always a happy surprise).

Spanning across a number of categories that range from household items to personal grooming gadgets to products for tech lovers that make life so much easier — you'll find everything imaginable on this list. Here's what you won't find: a single product that hasn't already passed the reviewers' test. These innovative products are so impressive they've racked up thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of solid reviews.

Maybe you could use a miniature fan that keeps you cool without freezing out everyone else in your office. Or perhaps you're in the market for a waterless, spill-proof dehumidifier that you can take everywhere with you, a three-in-one stick vacuum that's so light it's practically weightless, or a de-puffing eye gel so popular it has racked up more than 14,000 reviews. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be affordable and worthy of its thousands of reviews.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. This Miniature Fan That Keeps You Cool Without Bothering Anyone Else

What's cool and refreshing to you might be freezing cold to your coworker — and that's why this mini clip-on fan is such a genius gadget to keep handy. You can attach the rechargeable fan to desks and tables (or just stand it up) and it features vertical and horizontal rotation, with a quiet and powerful motor.

2. The Portable Garment Steamer That Heats Up Fast

You're far from home, your clothing has become a wrinkled mess from that suitcase, and you don't have a ton of time to dedicate to it. Fill this garment steamer with water, plug it in, wait just 90 seconds for steam to appear, and effortlessly, quickly steam those creases away — it's safe on all types of fabrics.

3. A Milk Frother For More Amazing Hot Cocoa And Coffee Drinks

Dazzle guests or your make your own morning coffee time more special by using this handheld milk frother to whip ordinary milk into airy foam. The battery-operated frother works in just 15 to 20 seconds and is perfect for creating lattes, hot cocoa, green tea lattes, and much more.

4. This Versatile Waffle Maker That Can Also Whip Up Paninis

As a waffle maker, this incredible gadget comes through big time, delivering individual fluffy Belgian-style waffles. But the compact, lightweight, and completely portable waffle maker, which weighs just 1 pound, is also versatile: you can also use it to create delicious paninis, has browns, and other snacks. It comes in nine colors.

5. An Ironing Board Cover That Makes This Chore So Much Simpler

More than 3,000 reviewers know the trick to ironing well (and fast) is to invest in a quality ironing board cover like this one, which stays flat and in place the entire time and allows the iron to glide right over clothing with ease. The cover has a silicone coating, elasticized edges, and hook-and-loop tape straps.

6. The Two-Stage Knife Sharpener With Coarse And Fine Wheels

Sharpen and polish dull knives with this two-stage knife sharpener system. The system features a ceramic fine wheel for polishing knife edges and removing burrs and a diamond-coated coarse wheel for restoring V-shape repairs and straightening edges.

7. A Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener That Pops Corks In Seconds

The struggle to pop wine bottle corks is real — and completely eliminated when you use this electric wine bottle opener, which gets the job done in seconds. The quality stainless steel opener has a built-in rechargeable battery, a foil cutter to remove seals, and it can open up to 30 bottles on one charge.

8. An Efficient Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit That Keeps You Safe

Prevent dangerous fires that can start from lint-filled dryers with this dryer duct cleaning kit. The kit includes a brush head and six extendable rods that can be extended to 12 feet so that they reach deep inside of ducts and clean out debris and trapped lint.

9. This Miniature, Spill-Free Dehumidifier That Runs On Gel Crystals

The only problem with some dehumidifiers is that they can be large, cumbersome, and immobile — not to mention the water spills. But the complete opposite is true when it comes to this compact, spill-free dehumidifier, which works with a renewable silica gel and doesn't require batteries or electricity. The gadget safely eliminates humidity for two to four weeks before needing to be replaced (and an orange light will pop up when it's time to get a new one).

10. The Light-As-Air Stick Vacuum That Converts To A Handheld Or Stair Vacuum

Lightweight and convenient — especially if you have several levels in your home — this stick vacuum cleaner weighs less than 3 pounds and can handle cleaning hard floors, low-pile carpets, and stairs. The three-in-one corded vacuum converts from a stick to a handheld to a stair vacuum in seconds, comes in three colors, and doesn't require bags (just empty the container from time to time and it will continue to run like a dream).

11. A Retinol Skin Cream That Is Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Many retinol moisturizers will cost you an arm and a leg because, very simply, this vitamin A derivative is one of the most effective ingredients you can use for smoother, more glowing skin. But this amazingly affordable retinol creamer stands out because of its price, the fact that is boasts more than 5,000 positive reviews, and its list of gentle, organic ingredients like green tea, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter — which also make it safe for sensitive skin types.

12. An Easy, Breezy Stain Remover That Gets Rid Of The Toughest Spots

Whether you've just dropped a glass of red wine on the carpet or are suffering at the hands of a zillion grease spots you procured while cooking, most soaps just aren't going to cut it. This is the secret stain remover you never knew you needed — the one that reviewers say lifts up every stubborn spot you can imagine, from blood to ink to oil to even more. The 2-ounce bottle is perfectly portable because stains happen everywhere — and this comes in a pack of six.

13. These Wool Dryer Balls That Keep Lint Away — And Contain Zero Chemicals

Toss those chemical-laden dryer sheets aside — you can keep lint away and cut drying time with these natural wool dryer balls, which are free of toxins and safe around pets and children. The set of six balls last for more than 1,000 loads of laundry and are kinder to the environment. Best of all, these help your laundry dry faster, and fluff it up, too. Add a drop of essential oil for added scent.

14. A Hydrating Serum For Smoother Skin

Transform the texture of your skin and get glowing — this hyaluronic acid serum hydrates and brightens skin using nothing but natural, organic ingredients. One reviewer who calls this serum "the best" raves: "I do notice a big difference with the amount of moisture my skin is retaining."

15. These Ultra-Soft Microfiber Bed Sheets That Never Wrinkle

Let everyone else spend hundreds on linen — once you discover the happy secret that is these microfiber bed sheets, you'll never look back. The four-piece sheets set is soft but durable, and completely resistant to wrinkles and stains. It comes in six mattress sizes and 20 colors and prints, including plaid, paisley, and florals.

16. The Reverse Umbrella That Keeps Floors Dry

This strong, wind-proof inverted umbrella holds up under the murkiest of conditions and then performs a magic trick when you seek shelter from the storm: it inverts when it closes so that the wet part never has to touch your floors or furniture. The umbrella has a C-shaped handle that you can slide over your wrist to free up your hands — and it comes in more than 25 colors and prints.

17. This Powerful Drill Brush That Attaches To Power Drills And Banishes Mold And Mildew

There's one surefire way to dig deep into grout and tile and really clean surfaces — attach this drill brush to a power drill and it gently, effectively removes mildew, mold, and grease from surfaces. The package comes with brushes in three different sizes, and its nylon bristles won't scratch surfaces like tubs and tile.

18. An Incredible Pair Of Cut-Resistant Gloves For Cooking And DIY Projects

Whether you're an amateur cook who is tired of getting cut all the time or a maestro at DIY projects, but looking to protect your fingers and hands, these heavy duty cut-resistant gloves are the killer safety accessory you need in your life. The gloves come in four sizes and protect your wrists as well, but they're also flexible and won't feel stiff as you work in them.

19. This Personal Water Filter For Safe, Clean Drinking Water

Stash this personal water filter somewhere safe in case of an emergency — or pack the compact tool with you on hiking and fishing trips. It has the power to filter out 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria and germs to deliver safer, cleaner drinking water. And one filter can handle as much as 1,000 gallons of water, making this product an absolute steal.

20. The Multipurpose Skin Oil That Heals Scarring And Evens Skin Tone

You can easily spend a small fortune on skin oils and creams that do very little. But this bio-oil skin oil has more than 6,000 reviews from customers that back up its claim: with repeated use it can heal scars, make skin more hydrated and even toned — and it's so absorbent it dries almost immediately. The hypoallergenic oil is also ideal for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin.

21. A Supportive Pillow For Your Knees That Makes Side Sleeping More Comfortable

If you sleep on your side — or just want added support for your knees and legs — this contoured knee pillow encourages better posture and spinal alignment. Plus, it helps to reduce any pain or discomfort you experience. The pillow is made from memory foam and pops right back to shape after pressure is placed on it, and it comes with a removable, washable cover.

22. An Eye Cream Made With Effective Ingredients That Won't Break The Bank

All of the ingredients in this eye cream — including a peptide complex, amino acids, and vitamin E — are known for their ability to smoothen the delicate skin under your eyes, as well as brighten and decrease puffiness. But unlike most other eye creams, this one is so affordable — and more than 14,000 reviewers agree it makes a difference in their skin texture.

23. A Smart Plug That You Can Control With Voice Commands

Make the plugs in your home really work for you by switching to this smart plug with WiFi connectivity. The plug can be controlled using the Kasa app on your phone, and it also responds to voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. Set your appliances and lights to turn off and on via your own personal schedule — and save a ton of money on your electricity bill.

24. The 299-Piece First Aid Kit For When Accidents Happen

Accidents happen in life — but this 299-piece first aid kit is there for you, with essential supplies that will patch you right back up after that minor injury. The kit thoughtfully assembles first aid items in plastic liners and then positions them in a zippered nylon case that you can take with you anywhere.

25. This Hair-Catching Tub Drain Protector That Nestles Inside Your Drain

This stand-out tub drain protector truly captures every loose strand of hair — and all that debris before it can pass through and clog your pipes. Plus, it accomplishes this magic with a unique design that nestles the protector within your drain rather than over it. As a result, the plug stays in place and won't come loose and start floating in your bath or sink water.

26. An Efficient Surge Protector With Three Outlets And USB Ports

This sleek, compact surge proctor features three outlets and two USB ports, which gives you an opportunity to plug and charge various appliances and devices at one time. It has LED indicator lights and won't hog up your entire two prong outlet.

27. The Simplified Remote Control That Lets You Stream Movies With Ease

Get rid of every complicated remote control you own — this one remote intuitively lets you stream movies and TV shows from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. It also includes a free Roku app that allows you to perform voice command searches. This has over 8,000 reviews, and one reviewer writes: "Fantastic product so far! After the first week, we bought a second one for a family member."

28. A Natural Supplement That Calms You Down

When stress is eating you alive, it's comforting to know there are natural options — like this calcium and magnesium supplement — that can help. The vegan, gluten-free powder comes in five flavors and can be added to water or juice. One reviewer writes: "If you have anxiety issues, please research magnesium deficiency. Taking one recommended dose of this during stressful times helps me calm down within 15 min, and a regular dose helps me sleep at night. For me, it's almost a 'miracle cure.'" As always, consult your doctor before starting any new supplements.

29. These Tablets That Clean Washing Machines And Remove Odors

Your washing machine gets all of your clothing clean — but few people actually stop and clean their washing machine. These washing machine cleaning tablets remove odors and residue from machines that can be left behind from countless loads of wash. The tablets are safe for front load and top load machines and dissolve slowly to last an entire wash cycle.

30. An Eye Mask That Feel So Comfy And Block Out Light

This comfy, contoured eye mask will feel like you're wearing a cloud to sleep — assuming that cloud blocks out all light and comes with ear plugs for the ultimate peaceful rest. The mask is made from memory foam and won't pinch your skin or put pressure on your eyes. It also has an adjustable buckle strap for the perfect fit.

31. This Refreshing Toner That Soothes Skin With Rosewater

You won't find a drop of sensitizing alcohol in this skin toner — but you will find soothing ingredients like rosewater, aloe vera, and witch hazel. The popular toner can control oil production and acne, while keeping redness and inflammation in check.

32. The Ultimate Yoga Pants With Pockets Deep Enough For Your Phone

There isn't a single box these yoga pants don't tick off. Made from comfy nylon and spandex, they have a high waistband, gentle compression, and a pocket that's actually deep enough to fit your phone (finally!). Best of all, they are offered in more than 25 colors. Available Sizes: XS-XL

33. A Vitamin C Serum That Holds Its Own Against Luxury Versions

There are some very popular and expensive vitamin C serums out there that are known as game-changers in the skincare world. But this affordable version of the serum — which has racked up more than 7,000 reviews — is the won't-break-the-bank equivalent that brightens skin, makes your skin tone more even, and can keep skin glowing. The serum is formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

34. This Time-Saving Wet-To-Dry Hair Straightener You Can Use On Damp Hair

Save time in the morning by straightening your hair when it's damp, watching as it dries in seconds, and heading out the door with perfectly styled hair that doesn't require a blow-dry step in between. This hair straightener boasts ceramic tourmaline plates that prevent frizz and heat damage — and steam vents safely remove water from hair.

35. An All-Natural Herbal Solution When You Can't Get To Sleep

If you're having trouble falling asleep, these sleep supplements can help — and they contain only natural ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile. The pills, which come 60 in a bottle, boast more than 5,000 reviews. One reviewer writes: "I've tried every thing under the sun to sleep over the last few decades....When I saw what was in it I wasn't impressed. Ive tried them all on their own so why would they work in Luna? I guess alone these ingredients just don't have the punch. But together..... wow!!" Again, check with your doctor before starting a supplement routine.

36. The Travel-Friendly Hair Dryer With Two Heat Settings

Just because you plan on using this hair dryer on-the-go doesn't mean you should be forced to compromise when it comes to features. This powerful, fast, and compact hair dryer has two speed settings and a cool shot button. It even comes in three different colors: black, pink, and yellow.

37. A Miniature Folding Fan That Provides A Personal Shot Of Cool

Cool down without disrupting the personal spaces of coworkers or loved ones at home. This fold-out miniature fan operates on battery and is perfectly portable, taking up barely any space on your desk or table. Despite its compact size, it delivers a satisfyingly cool breeze and boasts two speed settings and a choice of four colors.

38. These Stick-On LED Lights For Dark Closets And Hallways

Illuminate every dark closet, hallway, and corner in your home without committing to a light bulb and electrical source with these convenient stick-on LED lights. The battery-operated lights adhere to ceilings and walls using 3M tape and have 180-degree rotation. They turn on and off with a light tap of your hand.

39. An Instant Veggie Pasta Maker That's Simple To Use

This spiral vegetable slicer takes ordinary zucchini, squash, or carrots and turns them into delicious veggie pasta in an instant. The simple gadget has dual stainless steel cutting blades so you can decide whether you want thicker or thinner noodles. And reviewers love how you can pull this compact gadget out, use it in minutes, and then wash and store it with ease.

40. This Folding Lap Desk For Resting Your Laptop That Has Storage Space Inside

Work on your laptop comfortably when you rest it on this folding lap desk, which features extra storage space inside organized by dividers — where you can easily stash pens, paper, and tech accessories. The desk has collapsible legs that fold flat for easy storage and portability, and it doubles as a convenient writing desk or a small table for breakfast in bed.

41. These Colorful Knives That Prevent Cross-Contamination

Yes, they're colorful and pretty to look at, but this 12-piece colorful knife set also serves an important purpose: it prevents cross-contamination when you're prepping various meats and veggies. The set comes with six knives made from quality stainless steel and six protective blade covers. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.