According To A Survey, These Are The States With The "Cleanest" & "Dirtiest" Hair

by Melanie Richtman
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How often do you wash your hair? Beauty retailer Lookfantastic conducted a survey to figure out which states have the "cleanest" hair and the "dirtiest" hair, by asking women how many times a week they shampoo and condition their tresses. In the state that was awarded the title of the "cleanest" hair, women washed their hair once a day on average. Those women, according to the survey, belong to the sunny state of California.

Women in California were found to wash their hair the most, averaging once a day, while women in Tennessee had the "dirtiest" hair, washing it an average of once a week (what kind of dry shampoo are they using? Please share your secrets, Tennessee).

The other states with the "cleanest" hair are Texas, Florida, and Ohio (washing it once every 1.5 days), and North Carolina (washing it once every 1.7 days). The states who wash their hair the least after Tennessee are Maryland, Colorado, Nevada (every 6 days), and Nevada (every 5.5 days).

Experts recommend washing your hair only a few times a week in order to avoid stripping it of its natural oils. And thanks to the advent of dry shampoo, women can go even longer between blowouts without washing their hair. For most women though, it doesn't matter what the experts say, personal preference, hair texture, and in this case, the climate of where you live, will dictate how often they need to shampoo their hair.

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The survey also revealed some interesting stats about hair maintenance, like the fact that women spend an average of six days a year styling their hair. Six days. It also found that the average woman spends $80 a month on her hair. Sounds about right.

Courtesy of Lookfantastic

If you aren't in the group of women who blow dry their hair every day (49 percent of those surveyed), you might like these dry shampoos to keep your hair fresh in between washings.

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