How August's Super New Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If you pay any attention to the moon, the you know that it goes through phases, and that each new phase brings a certain energy with it. One of the most significant phases is the new moon, which is the beginning of a brand new cycle. This month, a new moon will appear on August 11, and it's also a partial solar eclipse, making it a super new moon. The energy from both events is going to have an effect on all of us here on Earth, and it's definitely going to be an exciting time. But what exactly can you expect? Will August's super new moon affect your love life? Turns out, it will — and it's not going to be limited to just one zodiac sign. All zodiac signs will feel similar effects from this super new moon, and you are absolutely going to want to know what you can look forward to.

Any type of new moon signifies a time of changes and new beginnings. After all, this is the first phase in a new moon cycle, so it makes sense that it would make you want a fresh start as well. This, of course, can affect your relationships.

According to Astrology King, this eclipse's association with Jupiter is going to make you feel "extremely confident, proud, lucky, and optimistic." That sounds like good news, but be careful: you need to watch how you express yourself, because one mistake could result in embarrassment rather than success. Astrology King says, "The best way to handle this solar eclipse is to show respect, moderation, and discipline." In terms of your love life, that means that while you might feel the urge to try to jump into something new, you should still take things slowly.

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It's also important to note that this new moon is happening during Leo season. Leos are known for being confident, bold, playful, and flirty. That could easily make your love life a lot more exciting, especially when coupled with the new moon energy that makes you want something new. Again, though, be careful not to jump into anything too quickly.

To expand on that even more, you should also remember that Mercury retrograde is still going to be happening during the new moon. Mercury retrograde is known for making communication tough - it can often lead to small mishaps that could have probably been avoided during another time. In contrast to the new moon energy, Mercury retrograde is all about pausing, taking a step back, and reflecting on your past, as well as the things that no longer serve you.

This makes this kind of a confusing time. While Mercury retrograde makes it easier for you to reflect and not start anything new, the new moon makes you feel like doing the exact opposite. Your biggest challenge will be finding the right balance between the two. You don't have to avoid starting anything new, and you should still harness the power of the confidence and energy you're getting from the new moon, but you should definitely be as wary as possible. You don't want to do anything you'll regret when this energy passes!