What Is The Status Of Ben & Lauren's Wedding?…

by Hannah Shapiro

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are an adorable couple, in love and very publicly engaged. Bachelor fans swooned when Ben got down on one knee to propose to Lauren during their season, and many have tuned in to the duo's reality show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. The series centered around the potential of a televised wedding, and it all culminated with Ben deciding they should focus on their engagement rather than getting married right away. Updates on Ben and Lauren's wedding are few and far between, now, and it seems that fans may have to wait a bit to see that event occur.

When Ben first called off the wedding, many fans wondered if this was the end to the couple's romance. But despite postponing the nuptials, the duo still seems very much in love with plans to eventually walk down an aisle, even if it's unknown just what kind of ceremony they'll have or what their big day will look like.

Ben and Lauren seem very much still in love, as shown by recent photos of them snuggling in the snow. It must be nice for them to get to spend some time together off camera, as the pair has been in the public eye for several years now. There must be a pressure that comes from letting your relationship unfold on television, whether that be from social media or just having filmmakers follow you around everywhere. As Ben told E! News,

We're both adjusting to the new normal. Which is having our relationship criticized a little bit. And having a lot of people around us and a lot of expectations on us. Not only as a couple but on us individually... We both felt an enormous amount of pressure. Little overwhelmed.

Perhaps the pressure of the public eye is the reason for the wedding being on hold. Both Ben and Lauren have expressed a desire to re-focus on their relationship rather than rush into a wedding, and fans, friends and family will just have to wait for the ceremony. Their decision makes sense; The Bachelor is such a rapid process, with filming taking place over only a few months, so it's not shocking that a couple coming out of the show might want some extra time to get to know each other before rushing into a wedding.

At some point, Ben and Lauren may call on Chris Harrison and a camera crew to film their wedding, or decide to do things privately. Until then, everything seems to be on pause. Don't worry, though, as they are still very much engaged, as Lauren has 'fiancé' in her Twitter bio. May she and Ben be blessed with many years of happiness and eventually, fingers crossed, the wedding of their dreams.