‘RHONY’ Fans Are Loving These Dorinda “E-CLIP-se” Memes

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Once upon a time, a New York Housewife reinvented the act of telling someone to be quiet. And now, that moment has literally eclipsed every other Real Housewives catchphrase. In celebration of the moon getting in the sun’s way on Monday, Bravoholics took a bonkers Real Housewives of New York City quote and spun it into solar eclipse joke gold. Dorinda Medley’s “CLIP!” catchphrase inspired some eclipse memes, and Twitter is all the better for it.

On the 13th episode of Season 9, the RHONY cast met for lunch in the Bronx and, in typical RH form, the meal remained cordial for all of two seconds. The gathering careened off the rails, tumbled down a hill, and crashed into a Skinny Girl ice luge when Medley and Sonja Morgan got into an argument about Tipsy Girl, the latter’s liquor brand.

Thanks to just about everything Medley brought to the rumpus, the scene quickly became a historic RH fight. The crown jewel of this argument, without question, happened when she extended her arm out above the table, arranged her hand like one might if they were about to play a duck in a shadow puppet show, and then made the hand duck’s mouth open and close. Every time the hand duck’s mouth snapped shut, Medley bellowed, “CLIP!”

It was a transcendent moment.

Rumor has it that 15 minutes after the episode aired, Season 8’s “I made it nice!” proudly handed “CLIP!” a membership card for the Important Real Housewives Quotes Club. Again, it's just a rumor.

Back in July, Medley wrote the following about the CLIP-cident in her Bravo blog:

“Can we talk about the Bronx lunch? Clip Clip Clip! I have no idea where that comes from, I just couldn't figure out a away to stop Sonja from saying more lies! I had no idea it would replace STFU and be used worldwide!”

Two months after Medley unveiled this catchphrase on national television, it got a second, eclipse-themed wind.

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Thanks for making the eclipse nice, Dorinda.